Holiday Time 40" Tall Animated Feeding Doe Light Sculpture Christmas Decor

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Holiday Time 40" Tall Animated Feeding Doe Light Sculpture Christmas Decor
MSRP : $89.69

Sale : $24.98
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Light up your yard in style with this 3D Animated Feeding Doe. It is 40 inches tall with 150 clear incandescent lights on a white wire frame. This animated doe realistically lifts and lowers its head as if it is eating. It is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Show off your home or yard to your friends and neighbors with this gorgeous feeding doe!
Holiday Time Animated Feeding Doe Light Sculpture, 40" Tall:
  • 40" tall
  • Animated head with vertical, up-and-down movement
  • Lights are pre-attached to frame
  • Collapsible construction for easy assembly and storage
  • 150 clear lights with 1,000-hour bulb life
  • Clear bulbs
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Replacement bulbs and fuses included
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Really nice!!

I really like this Holiday Time Animated Doe--it is a nice size--shows up well--her head moves up and down--no problem yet with the lights going out--(just put out day after Thanksgiving)-- been displayed now going on five days. Cons-- you do not lift from head--it comes out of slot that controls its movement--OMG!! happened to me, have to remember to lift from top of back--also if one light goes out (lets say rear) then all those lights go out within that section and you have to find the blown bulb--same for front section. Like I said none have gone out YET :) You receive extra bulbs. With that said for the price, and nice size with lots of lights it is well worth. It is easy to put sections (body and head) together and comes with four stakes to secure into ground. Had rain today and that has not fazed the deer--no wind though--but thinking wind will blow through, since it is an open piece. Merry Christmas


Talk About a Decrease in Quality

I bought animated reindeer from Walmart 10 years ago. They were made by the same manufacturer Holiday Time. I was impressed enough with my original purchase to seek out this same product when two of my three stopped working this year. The difference is workmanship was quite disappointing. The gauge of the wire used for the reindeer themselves is considerably thinner (cheap). The connections in which to assemble the deer do not line up so "reshaping" the deer was necessary. The mechanics used to animate the deer are also of lower quality. I would rather have paid an escalated price and received a quality product. They'll do for now but I won't purchase this brand again in the future.


Attractive Outsiode Holiday Display

Once I figured out how to start it wasn't too hard putting the raindeers together.


Attractive Outsiode Holiday Display

when i first got item i thought it would be too small put on lawn looks great


not worth buying

I biught one of these in a walmart store and half of the lights didn't work so i returned it and ordered another one from When I got this one half of the lights didn't work again.