Holiday Time 18 ft. Clear Icicle Lights, 300 ct, Easy Installation

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Holiday Time 18 ft. Clear Icicle Lights, 300 ct, Easy Installation
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Ho, ho, ho! Deck the halls and welcome the most wonderful time of year to your home with the Holiday Time 300 Clear Icicle Lights. Use this gorgeous string of lights to mark your home as a fun and festive space where the good times roll. Simply hang the white wire on your Christmas tree, across your mantel, above the front door or along the top of your garage door to instantly transform the space into a realm of sparkle. You’re sure to be the envy of neighbors and friends. Plus, the kids will have a blast deciding where to position the 19-foot long wire! The clear icicle design contributes to a look that will be memorable and totally worthy of a special post. The classic style will coordinate beautifully with the rest of your festive holiday décor, transforming your living space into an enchanting winter wonderland that will delight your children and any special holiday guests.
  • Easily transforms the look of your home
  • Easily put the lights in place by your front door, draped around your Christmas tree or along your roof
  • Clear icicle light design boasts a classic look
  • 18-foot design gives you plenty of length to experiment with (19 feet total)
  • Easy to put in place—makes a fun decorating activity that will delight the entire family
  • Helps to make the holiday season extra special for kids, friends and family


Section already out

I have only had these lights up for a week & already a section of them out! Frustrating!!!


Very dissapointing

I purchased 4 new sets of the clear icicle lights. This was to be the first year I had outside lights on my home. I am a single, new homeowner. I was very excited to have the money and home to actually decorate for the holidays. I hired someone to put my lights up for me. I used the clear icicle lights (purchased at Wal-Mart) with larger red led lights on the top (these were a different brand, purchased elsewhere). They looked fabulous! It was wonderful. Until.... I plugged them in on the second night. There was a space about 1 1/2 foot area in one of the sets that was not working. I got the ladder out. Spent 30 minutes in the freezing cold replacing every bulb in the unlit area. Still nothing! 2 days later there was another section out in a different strand. I tried changing bulbs in this area with the same results! By the time Christmas was here there were a total of 5 areas out (1 in 3 strands, 2 in 1 strand)! I was embarassed to turn my lights on!


They're good and cheap

They're good lights make sure you check them before you hango them up there's always a chance you get a bad batch. But to the person who hooked 10 boxes of lights together that's the reason they don't work read the box, you overloaded the circuit and blew the fuse that's why the first strand in the circuit wouldn't work you can only hook three up in a row. They're good for what they are even better if you use them the correct way



I bought 6 boxes of these lights and took them out to check them and so far 3 boxes have a foot or better of the lights out. I'm not even bothering to check the other ones these junk things are all going back to the store and I will not ever purchase this brand again!!!



My boyfriend and I bought 5 boxes (from one location) at first hung them all up all went great. We went back for another 5 boxes (from a different location) all was going good and towards the end of the house they all shut off. It ended up being the first strand that was messed up (so we thought), so that strand was left unplugged and turned off, we hooked up the extension cord to the second strand and it was perfect for about a min or so before they shut off again, so we went back and left the second strand unplugged and turned off and tried the third strand, that time the lights stayed on for 10 min or so before they shut off. I still don't know what the issue is but I will never buy this brand again nor will I buy icicles. Good thing we started hanging lights early this year.