Bird B Gone MMFT-050 1' x50' Bird Deterrent Flash Tape

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Bird B Gone MMFT-050 1' x50' Bird Deterrent Flash Tape
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Take outdoor living to the next level.

Bird B Gone MMFT-050 1' x50' Bird Deterrent Flash Tape:
  • Flash tape made from an iridescent red mylar film
  • Drives birds away by creating an optical distraction zone
  • Ideal for use in trees, pool areas, patios, and gazebos and on boats
  • Flash tape "crackles" in the wind scaring off pest birds visually and audibly
  • Simply cut off strips of the tape and attach them to the area where you want to deter pest birds
  • 1' x 50' roll


Won the War against the nesting birds

The tape seems to have finally ended the birds building nests behind my shutters. I first tried the bird gel and that worked somewhat but it was messy and sticky and the birds still would get some nest built but not as much. Once I added the tape behind it seems to have kept them away as I don't see them attempting to go in



reflective tape has done the trick.


Working Well So Far

I have had this bird tape up about a week for woodpecker control, and it seems to be working well. I had some other tape, actually a shiny decorative Halloween tape, up before. The woodpeckers didn't seem to like that, but neither did my HOA. So I took it down and replaced it with the Bird-B-Gone tape. So far, the woodpeckers seem to continue to be avoiding the taped areas. My fingers remain crossed that they will stay away. This product is definitely worth a try, given the price, especially compared to that of woodpecker damage. I haven't owned it long enough to comment on durability. My only complaint so far is minor-I would like the tape to be a bit wider.


Inconsistent effect

Used the tape in addition to other means of deterring birds from my raised bed vegetable/berry garden. It did not deter the birds from the raised bed garden but I believe it deterred the woodpeckers from pecking on my windows. But, I also used additional deterrence for the windows.


Small Quantity

The roll of material was very small. Not enough to cut a lot of strips. Still newly installed so don't know if it's effective.