Revlon Essentials Compact RVDR5034 1875W Hair Dryer, Black

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Revlon Essentials Compact RVDR5034 1875W Hair Dryer, Black
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Quickly and easily dry and style your hair with the help of the Style by Revlon 1875 Watt Dryer. It is constructed of sturdy and durable materials and features two heat/speed settings to suit your personal needs. This Revlon hair dryer is equipped with a Cold Shot setting that will help set the style. It is easy to use and care for.



It is small, lightweight, and does an awesome job. Love it.


It's a TRAVEL dryer

I bought this hoping it would be light and work with my son, who loves having his hair blow dried, but my arthritis is getting bad (I'm only 27!!). No, this does not come with a diffuser; it's a travel hair dryer. Yes, it's very light; it's a travel dryer. Yes, it's small; it's a travel dryer. Yes, it only has a "hot/high-speed", "hot/low-speed" settings; its a travel dryer. Getting the idea? It's a very basic blow dryer. It dries hair fast (my son's short Asian hair takes less than 30 seconds to dry on "high", it takes my past-shoulder-length, thick Caucasian hair about 5-6 minutes). The cold button was a bonus, and my son loves finishing with it to cool him down. This particular dryer can take a beating and still work. It's been dropped three times (and I literally toss it under the sink), yet it still works. It's cheap, light, and gets the job done. Attachments are cheap and easy to find. Overall, an excellent find for basic needs without spending a ton.


Very basic dryer

I recently visited a friend and forgot to bring my beloved tourmaline ceramic dryer so this was an emergency quick fix I bought at Walmart. Well, the price was great however... when I bought this I didn't quite realize how bare bones basic it was. Only the dryer was in the box, no concentrator or diffuser included. Also, when they say 2 "heat/speed" settings they mean only "high" and "low" switches on the dryer not different switches for controlling heat and speed separately. This gives you very little control in styling. For people looking for a hair dryer to simply just dry hair and do nothing else this will be fine. However, if you are looking for a long-term use dryer to actually style your hair this is not a good investment due to the lack of concentrator/diffuser included and lack of control over heat/speed settings. For just a few dollars more you can get an ionic dryer with these features included saving you time and frustration when styling your hair :). Below is a really good travel hair dryer I have since discovered.


Good Price

I have read one review that said it wasn't 1875 Watts but about 1500 Watts which might be true because my last blow dryer was the same exact model that I had for at least 10+ years and it did seem to be HOTTER when I dried my hair? This model still did a very good job and tonight I dried my hair in one minute. The blower seems to be more POWERFUL with less heat but I thought it did a GREAT JOB! I really like the button when you push it COOL AIR comes out quickly for setting. Now! lets see how long it will last? I was glad found this model again and you will be happy if you purchase it.


Good Price

It works okay,not a high dollar one but not needed.