Timex Boys My First Outdoor Black Watch, Fast Wrap Strap

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Timex Boys My First Outdoor Black Watch, Fast Wrap Strap
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The Timex range of colorful and exciting youth watches do much more than let children express themselves. No matter what your child likes at the moment, the Timex Youth Collection has a timepiece for their wrist.

Timex Kids My First Outdoor Analog Watch, Black Fast Wrap Velcro Strap

  • Analog display
  • Full Arabic numerals
  • Durable metal case
  • Adjustable and washable Fast Wrap Velcro strap
  • Timex Kids Loss Protection Plan (Available in North America and U.K.)
  • Water resistant to 30m


Advertised incorrectly

I have been wearing this watch for many years. I LOVE this watch!!!! I wanted another one. Saw that Walmart had them reasonably priced. One of the features I liked the most was that it was the indiglo feature. The picture and description indicated and showed that it had the indiglo feature as well as all others that were on the other watches I purchased. When I got it, there was NO INDIGLO FEATURE. I was VERY upset and then had to go through the process of returning it. This is not only an excellent kids' watch but I am a senior citizen and have very small wrists. I never had to worry about this watch having to be sized. I never had to worry in the middle of the night if I wanted to see what time it was...I used the Indiglo feature. I never had to worry about getting it wet if I forgot to take it off. It was extremely light weight and it looked nice. I never had a watch I liked any better. IF a product changes, the description you are advertising for sale should match the product that the consumer receives.


Advertised incorrectly

Purchased for grandson, age 7. Easy to read. He loves it and wears all the time. Seems very durable.


Good purchase

My son just loves his watch. After wearing the watch for about 10 minutes, I asked him what time is it?, He stammered and finally said," the big hand is on the 2 and the little hand is on the 12." I said great job. He now comes up to me and gives me the time accurately now.This is a good first watch to teach your children how to tell time.


Good watch, no light

I really like this watch for my son. It is easy for him to read, and he enjoys telling time with his own watch, like daddy! However, the description online said it had a light. It does not! I was really looking forward to the light, I know he would love it at bedtime. I had high hopes that it would help him realize how much past his bedtime it was while he was laying in bed with eyes wide open. But, with no light, as promised, he can't read it in the dark...hence the 4 stars!


Great watch for a kid or old lady :)

I bought this watch because it is an indiglo and less than half the price of the ladies watch. I have only had it a short while, less than a month so don't know how it will last in the long run but a $27 for 2 I don't see how I could go wrong. I have jewelry watch bands that I put on all watches so own several watches because I don't want to keep changing the band. This watch does not look like a kid watch when on my jewelry band. Don't see how a person could go wrong with this watch, unless it only lasts a couple of months. We will see.