G-Floor Ribbed Universal Flooring 7.5' x 17' Premium Grade Thickness Slate Grey

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G-Floor Ribbed Universal Flooring 7.5' x 17' Premium Grade Thickness Slate Grey
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Better Life Technology G-Floor Parking Pad Garage Floor Cover/Protector, Slate Grey:

  • Dimensions: 7.5' x 17'
  • Ribbed design helps keep moisture/debris from spreading across garage
  • Easy to install: Just roll out
  • Easy to cut/trim for custom fit
  • Helps prevent concrete stains/deterioration
  • Beautifies old cracked/stained floors
  • Provides moisture barrier
  • Insulates and provides noise reduction
  • Resists common chemicals/contaminants found on garage floors
  • Ultra-durable/lasts for years
  • Provides anti-fatigue benefit
  • Standard grade thickness (approximately .055")
G-Floor Ribbed Universal Flooring 7.5' x 17' Premium Grade Thickness SlateGrey:
  • Easy install no need for special tools
  • Raised Ribbed pattern creates added traction
  • Protects your floor from messes and spills including battery acid
  • Commercial grade thickness for years of durability
  • Ribs run length of floor
  • Low maintenance flooring can be easily cleaned with just a damp mop
  • Perfect for garage, utility room, trailer, shed, laundry area, or any area you need durability
  • Trim if needed using just a utility knife


Nice alternative to epoxy covering

My garage floor isn't in the best shape. I've investigated epoxy but didn't like the price or potential reliability issues (coming up with hot tires). I installed 2 in my standard 2 car garage. It was in the mid-30s in western NY and gave the pads a few days to unravel. I swept the floor and used a leaf blower to try and clean up the concrete before final placement. Like others said, unroll from the garage door towards the house so that the most curled part is not at your entrance. I dry fit the pads and left about a 1/8" gap between them since they were not perfectly square and also to account for any expansion or shrinkage with temperature variances. I also made sure that the pads were just short of where the garage door makes contact with the concrete to avoid any issues with the pad coming up with the door. I then used a strip of Roberts 50-550 Double-Sided Acrylic Adhesive around the parameter of the pad to hold it down. It seems to hold well. I attached 2 pictures of them after a week of use. The roads are salty and there has been some snow. The pads will show dirt as seen in the pictures, however, it's really easy to clean. I use a push broom since I've put away my garden hose but think they'll clean very nice with a hose once the weather warms up. Overall, very pleased! I only wish they were longer/wider at this price point so I could have gone 100% coverage.


Works just fine

Does exactly what it is designed to do.


The Garage is now a Clean & Shiny Workspace

This garage floor covering is easy to install and can be cut to fit perfectly around corners and posts. I bought the tape to keep pieces together and found that it was not necessary. The weight of the flooring was enough to keep things smooth and connected. I was under the impression that the flooring had a 'diamond' pattern -- so I was somewhat surprised by the channel lines. In order to make them work I had to redesign the placement so any dust or fluid would drain out the front of the garage. In other words, the channels had to all be going one direction -- which I did not realize beforehand and would have liked to have known.


So far so good

It's been down in my garage for a month and I really like this. Putting a finish on my cement garage floor would have been about 3 times the cost and would probably have not stood up well to time and the elements. It'll be interesting to see how this does after a couple of years though I suspect it'll be ok.


Garage floor mat

I had previously bought 2 of the same mats at sams club 5 to 7 years ago. I wanted to get another mat for another garage bay. I was happy to find the same brand online at walmart.com. shipping was free right to my door. These mats are of great quality and value. you cant go wrong with this mat.