Glory Foods Seasoned String Beans With Potatoes, 27 Oz

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Glory Foods Seasoned String Beans With Potatoes, 27 Oz
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The Glory Foods family of home-style recipes is a great way to add some southern flair to your favorite meal, in only a few minutes.

Glory Foods Seasoned String Beans with Potatoes, 27 Ounce


Yummy Yummy

I challenge you to find a better canned green bean and potato product. This is the best, I think.



Would be an excellent find if your ad did not say say "Pack of 12" and you only receive one large can . . . very confusing!


Where are the potatoes?

Perhaps there was a quality control issue, but the can I got was really just all very gray, very mushy/watery, flavorless green bean pieces. The beans further were obviously old and of poor quality, being tough and rough-surfaced on the outsides, stringy, and I found pieces of the bean plant stems throughout the can. I actually counted the teensy squares of potato, and there were 7 of them. If this stuff had garlic and spices in it, you could have fooled me. I'm a foodie, but I also enjoy low-brow foods, so it's not like I'm picky, but I certainly cannot recommend a product that is this low in quality and deceptive in content.



This product tastes great ! And the price isn't bad either.



tastes nice and seasoned, great flavor, will buy again