As Seen on TV Glow Candles

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As Seen on TV Glow Candles
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Light up your space with these As Seen On TV Glow Candles. They give a soothing vanilla scent without the hassle of a real candle. Twelve color options let you decorate for any holiday or occasion. These flameless color-changing candles come with a remote control to easily change the colors, flickering options and timer settings.

Glow Candles:
  • Comes with 3 different sizes of candles for easy display with remote control
  • Choose from 12 different colors
  • 3 realistic lighting options: flickering, solid or transitioning colors
  • 4- and 8-hour timer option
  • As Seen On TV candles come with safe, long-life LED bulbs
  • Soothing vanilla scent
  • No messes, drips or spills


Nice glow.....

My home is older, so I don't trust regular candles..... But I like the colored glow of these....


Beautiful Candles

These candles are suitable for any room from the bathroom to the living room. They have a realistic flicker, which is my favorite effect or it be without flickering. The colors are bright and brillant and the vanilla scent is a pleasant fragrance. To save battery energy I suggest you turn them off manually instead of with the remote control when they are not in use.


Safe alternative to flame candles

I bought this as a gift for my wife. Years ago, she would light a candle as a signal it was safe to come home, and now they have a sentimental, romantic value. She was worried about fire hazards and these battery-operated candles have served us well. The vanilla scent has faded, but one has a permanent spot in the front family room window, and the other two a place in the master bedroom wall. As we put in rechargeable AAA batteries, they have lasted a long time and we expect to use them for years to come.


Headline is fine

Love these candles and they made a wonderful gift!


Love them!

Love sitting in my home office sometimes at night, turning them on and just chilling out. Nice to relax to!