VTech VM333, Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision, Pan & Tilt Camera & Two-Way Audio

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VTech VM333, Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision, Pan & Tilt Camera & Two-Way Audio
MSRP : $99.95

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Watch as your little one moves about with the VTech Safe&Sound VM333 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan and Tilt Camera. The pan, tilt and zoom feature lets you keep an eye on your little one as they explore their surroundings. The camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down. Need more detail? The camera can also zoom up to two times. This system features a two-way, talk-back intercom so you can comfort your little one even from another room. With temperature sensors, a sound indicator and automatic night vision, the VTech Safe&Sound VM333 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan and Tilt Camera and Automatic Night Vision is a great way to stay connected to your baby day and night.
VTech VM333 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan and Tilt Camera and Automatic Night Vision, 1 Parent Unit, White:
  • Temperature sensor
  • Digital transmission
  • Data encryption for security
  • Out of range indicator
  • On/off indicator
  • 1,000' of range
  • Vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit
  • Rechargeable battery with low-battery alert on the parent unit
  • High resolution 2.8" color LCD display
  • Full motion video: 22 frames per second
  • Automated infrared night vision
  • Volume control
  • 5-level sound indicator
  • High-sensitivity microphone
  • AC adapters included for the baby and parent unit
  • Expandable

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Learned a few things about our son..and cat

Aside from the obvious features of this video camera, we have not used a baby monitor since our son was very young. Now at 2 we all but didnt need one...but I could not resist the chance to peak into what was going on when I wasnt in there! I learned a few things 1) My son is VERY close to being able to crawl out of his crib 2) He likes to kick the back of the crib when going to sleep 3) He often talks to himself at night after he is put down to bed and the biggie.. 4) During the day one of our cats sneaks in and jumps in to take naps. I love the temperature gauge but most of all in this 2 story house, I like to KNOW he is up rather than rely on my ears that I should come rescue him from nap or bedtime. Great monitor w/ fantastic range.


Baby cam

I love this baby cam so much, that now I have 3 units. We don't have kids, but we have pet birds. Sometimes they have night thrashes, and they thrash around on the floor of their cages. So now I can hear and see them on the baby cam. I can run to their bird room and take them out of their cages to calm then down and make sure that they didn't hurt themselves. The cam has two way talk also, which sometimes helps too. And it also has sound detection. I can also pan and tilt and zoom in alittle. It's one sweet unit. It has nice night vision and on the daytime the screen is in color. I couldn't ask for a better monitor. Keep up the good work Vtech. I took a black and white picture and a color picture of our birds sleeping at night to show people what I can see with the monitor.


Great Video Monitor

I LOVE video monitors! They are a must-have for when you have a baby and this one is a good one! I really like that the parent unit is small, works on a rechargeable battery, has a great, clear picture, and features "talk-back". The temperature sensor is accurate and great for keeping the nursery from getting too cold or hot. The pan/tilt is amazing for getting a shot of most of the room. This is a great feature for when you have toddlers. The camera is pretty great too because it has a volume control for the "talk-back" feature and is modern looking. If you have multiple kids, you can hook up to four cameras to view on the same parent-unit which is great! The only minor things that I think that could be improved are: the nursery camera has to be plugged in to work. I would love to see a rechargeable battery included for those times when an outlet isn't convenient for where the parent would like to place the camera. A lullaby option would be a great addition. Overall, great video monitor and the price is great! Some other monitors with less features cost up to $300. I would definitely recommend this one!


Love that the camera can pan the room!

This video monitor is awesome! The picture is very clear both in daylight and in night mode. I was really impressed that it makes absolutely NO sound when your baby isn’t fussy. There wasn’t even a tiny bit of fuzzy, humming, or other noises from the monitor. Since my son is a year old and sleeps through the night most nights, I have the sensitivity set to it’s lowest level so it will alert me to actual crying, not rolling over, sneezes, or even tiny fusses in his sleep. I love this! Now, I can be sure to go to him only when he really needs me rather than lay in bed at night staring at the baby monitor wondering if that little peep that came through meant my baby was awake. My one year old shares a room with his big brother who is five. Once in a while, I have wanted to be able to check in on him in bed as well, but didn’t have the capabilities. Now, I can just pan the camera around to point at his bed and check if he’s awake getting into things, playing or reading quietly in his bed like he’s allowed to do, or see if he has finally drifted off to sleep. **I received a complimentary baby monitor to review on my blog, A Mom's Take. Opinions are 100% my own.**


Not just for baby's!

I always thought that after my baby's were out of a crib I no longer needed a baby monitor but boy was a wrong! A mystical being comes into our home when I'm not in the room & destroys my house! Since setting up the VM333 Safe & Sound™ Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor I found that this mystical being is really my 3 & 5 year old! I love that I can purchase additional cameras & sync them up to my parent unit so I can keep an eye on every room in my home and I also LOVE the pan & zoom feature!