Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table

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Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table
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With the Wild Whirlpool Water Table, it's time to enter the splash zone! Water table features a tower that creates a water vortex as water is poured through, use either the provided boat or scoop to create the water tornado to power the water spinner! Scoop can also be used to capture the six sea creatures (included). Table also includes a rotating octopus that creates a whirlpool effect!

Wild Whirlpool Water Table:
  • Creates a water vortex
  • Provided boat or scoop
  • Create a water tornado to power the water spinner
  • Capture the 6 sea creatures
  • Includes a rotating octopus that creates a whirlpool effect


Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table

My 2 loves his new discovery table for his colorful balls and other toys. am very pleased with the new update model of step2 water table because it has a water drainage that the old model didn't have. Step2 toys has been apart my childhood for years and now apart of my children. Thanks Step2 for your wonderful products.


Nice size for my one year old to play with

It's even fun without water


Love this water table!!!

My son loves this water table! I would definitely purchase another one. He plays for hours outside with this.


Hours of fun

The day we got it home my daughter begged me to put water in it. Unfortunately she needed to wait because it was too late. The next morning she was so excited. Once I put water in the table she was in to it. She played with it for hours. Even when we left the house and came back she went straight to the table. This morning she woke up and went right to it again. Its a great manipulative. Teaches fine motor skills and also cause and affect.


2 year olds favorite toy

My 2 year old grand child loves her water table. The toys even come with the table too :) .its an out door toy for now. Later in the fall it will be a dryer beans or rice table. Indoors of course. Good size for two to three children.very sturdy too.