Udderly Smooth Body Cream-12oz Jar

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Udderly Smooth Body Cream-12oz Jar
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This Udderly Smooth Body Cream, 12-oz Jar is a non-greasy formula that moisturizes the skin. It makes even dry and cracked skin feel soft and smooth. Developed to keep the udders of dairy cows moist and prevent chapping, it also works to protect, smooth and soften human skin. Udderly Smooth udder cream has a light scent and is suitable for normal to dry skin.

Udderly Smooth Body Cream, 12 oz Jar:
  • Developed to keep the udders of dairy cows moist and to prevent chapping
  • Moisturizing body cream for normal to dry skin
  • Has a light fresh scent and is never greasy
  • Can be used to soften dry and cracked skin


The only thing that works for my sensitive skin!

Ever since I moved to the city with a lot of sun, I've started having some kind of allergic reaction on my arms and shoulders, my skin would get so dry and break out with some red itchy patches, especially after I took a shower. Coming to the conclusion that it indeed was some kind of allergy, I started buying all kind of lotions to try and treat my condition, to my surprise only to make it worse! The ones, specifically made for my condition actually were making me each really badly. I changed my detergent and softener to the ones for sensitive skin, no dice. Finally I decided to go to the doctor, but he wasn't able to help me much... the allergy wasn't confirmed, he just sad my skin was dry and sensitive, and recommended me not to take showers too often, really?! How's that a good idea? Eventually, after trying about 50 different brands of lotions I just gave up and accepted the fact that my skin will stay like that forever. One day I was just browsing around in some discount store and stumbled across this lotion. Right away the appearances of it attracted me, the description on it was even funnier :) but the lotion was cheap, so I decided to get it. Without any expectations I rubbed it all over my body, and oh wow, it didn't make itch! For the first time I found something that worked for me. The lotion is somewhat watery, so it doesn't feel oily, however it leaves your skin moisturized until your next shower! Needless to say, I ran to the same store to get more of it, but they were already out. I googled it, and the cheapest price for it was at Walmart. I ordered the lotion together with some other stuff to get a free 2 day shipping, and in two days it was delivered to my door. It also came with a free unexpected gift that was attached to it! Thank you Walmart, I'll keep reordering when I'm out.


This cream is great! I have cancer and my skin is

I was given a sample of "udder cream" in a bag of information on Xeloda that I am now on. I have had cancer and on chemo for 2 years. I was having "cancer fatigue" so the doctor changed me to this new one. I was so glad to get the sample of "udder cream" and it actually works. When I ordered the Udder Cream I was expecting the same as the sample so I hope the Body cream works as well.


AWESOME for chemo patients

My mother had to take a chemo pill for her next phase of treatment. The doctor told her that the type of chemo she'd be taking could cause open sores on her hands and feet (HFS). Drying, peeling, soreness, etc... So he encouraged her to use this product as much as she wanted. My mother never experienced the sores and I believe it is b/c she used this lotion Her hands were always soft and she always smelled of a light, fresh fragrance! Her feet did get dry and peel from the medication but she never had sores. I cannot imagine what it would have been like had she not used the lotion. My mom used this faithfully and it saved her from the pain of cracking skin and sores. And to boot, the new skin from the peeling was healthy and softer than ever! So now, I use it like she had and LOVE it. I carry the 4 oz tube in my purse. I even use it on my children b/c they have sensitive skin. It is non-greasy, has a light fresh scent and helps our skin tremendously, ESPECIALLY in the winter months. Definitely recommend this product!!!!!



This stuff is amazing! It's like medicine for extreme cases of dry skin. This is body cream, but I use it for my hands during winter when they get very very dry. I often forget or put off using regular lotion, so my hands crack and bleed badly. Once it starts hurting to use my hands normally I'll get a decent portion of this stuff and rub it on my hands for a good 5-8 minutes until it feels absorbed, then rinse the rest off and pat dry. IMMEDIATELY weeks of damage gets completely healed with this stuff. No more bleeding! Repeat daily for completely healed and normal skin!


Best stuff ever invented for skin care!

I have used this cream for over 25 years. First in the barn on dairy goats then on my hands. I learned about it as a hand cream when I joined a club for hand spinners. When working with wool and other fibers to spin into yarn, the last thing you want is rough hands. The fibers will stick everywhere! I then started using it as a body cream and then on my face. I have tried other products, but NONE have worked as well as Udder Cream. I even started selling it at craft shows where I sold my hand made yarns. One time, a few older ladies were asking many questions about it and I had them try the sample on their hands. They were impressed with it's non-greasy feeling. I then told them it was the only thing I had used on my face for over 5 years and had them try to guess my age. They guessed 15 years younger than the 45 years I really was! They bought 3 jars each. I am still wrinkle free at 59 years of age! No matter how you use it, as a face, foot, hand or body cream you will be impressed with this! It has a nice pleasant scent too. Oh, you probably could even use it on your dogs ear tips when the flies are biting, and even on their foot pads when sore. Just try to keep them from licking it. It has a thousand uses and is worth every cent!