DGT Easy Timer Digital Chess Clock - Black Beyond and How to Play Chess E-book

By: ChessCentral

DGT Easy Timer Digital Chess Clock - Black Beyond and How to Play Chess E-book
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The DGT Easy Game Timer is the perfect balance of simplicity and accuracy. It is the ideal clock for chess beginners and chess players who are budget conscious. It features a very attractive and ergonomic design. Attractive Gift Box • 2-year warranty • Size: Approximately 5.7" wide x 5.3" deep x 2.8" high
Ergonomic • Intuitive operation • Large moving lever for changing turns • Large 13mm.(approximately one-half inch) time display • Single front-button game reset • Last used settings saved when switched off Functions • Game Timer (Count down) • Up to 9 hrs 59 minutes for entire game (Chess, Checkers, Draughts, Go, Scrabble®, etc.) • Including exceed time display • Different start time for each player possible • Second-accurate programming up to 20 seconds, minute-accurate programming above 20 minutes • Upcounting Game Timer • Starts from Zero time • Move Timer • Programmed time for every move separately (Rummikub, Scrabble®) (different move time for each players possible) Complete • Flag symbol for player that reaches zero time first • Time correction during a game • Seconds counting visible below 20 minutes • Warning sound on last 5 seconds • Sound function can be switched off and on during the game • 5 languages user manual: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian

Play Chess - Have Fun! E-Book
Are you ready to begin a lifetime of adventure in chess? Here is your chance to quickly learn the movements of each chess piece, along with the complete rules of our "royal game". But that's only the beginning! Next you'll want to conquer that first opponent, and Play Chess - Have Fun! will show you how. Play Chess - Have Fun! goes on to fill the gap between knowing how the chess pieces move (the basic rules) and knowing what to do next. This e-book will be a BIG help in quickly and easily absorbing the logic and principles of good chess play.

Play Chess - Have Fun! interactive e-book expertly bridges the gulf between the simple rules of chess, and how to actually play a strong chess game. Lewis McClary has been teaching chess for many years, and he has a knack for guiding students rapidly and painlessly to winning chess. So if you want to move beyond merely playing "at" chess, to become a Chess Player, then this is the e-book you need. All of the elements of chess are covered, and no prior understanding of the game is assumed or required - not even a board and pieces are needed with this nifty ChessCentral interactive e-book!

You will get insight into Basic Checkmates, Developing your Forces, Beginning Tactics, The Endgame, Understanding the Opening, Strategy and Planning - and much more! There has been a sore need for this kind of instruction, and the ebook will benefit anyone starting on the road to greater chess skill. If you're ready to start winning games today,  download Play Chess - Have Fun! right now...you'll never find an easier way to get started in chess. Because this is a download you will get started in less than 15 minutes and be playing winning chess today!

Highly recommended for absolute beginners and novice players alike. Not only will you learn to play chess and play it well, but this e-book offers a hands-on introduction to chess software! You will need ChessBase software such as  the free ChessBase Reader. The download codes for both ChessBase Reader and Play Chess - Have Fun ebook are given inside the package.