Aqua Pet Fountain Filters, 4 ct

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Aqua Pet Fountain Filters, 4 ct
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Provide fresh, filtered water for your pet. This pack of four replacement filters is made of activated carbon to filter out bad tastes and odors and is compatible with the Aqua Cube and Aqua Falls Pet Water Fountain. Filters will also work for all three sizes of the Great Choice Circulator and Whisker City Corner Pet Fountain.

Aqua Pet Fountain Filters, 4-Pack:
  • 4-pack
  • Contains activated carbon
  • Pet water fountain filters should be changed every 3-4 weeks
  • Model# PAC11-14660


My cats drink more water!

Switched to a fountain about a year ago, hoping to get my kitties to drink more. This did the trick! I have an older cat on thyroid medication so it's important he's flushing his kidneys, properly. My two younger cats love it, too. Well worth the cost of these filters which should be changed monthly. I just discovered this point recently so I ordered a years worth to have them on hand.


Cats like fountain

My cats do like the fountain & drink more water. I like it because the water is fresher. I'm confused though in the discrepancy in the cost of the replacement filters. There is a 4 ct listed at $4.93 and a 4 pak listed for $14. I ordered both to see what the difference is and can find no difference. Why would a customer by 4 filters for $14 when you can buy the same package of 4 filters for $4.93. I returned the expensive set.


Aqua Cube Filters

These filters work great. It is a good economical fountain that has inexpensive filters.


Aqua fountain filters

I have two cats and they love drinking from the filtered fountain. They're 4 yrs old and haven't bee sick at all!


Perfect replacement filters

Had a hard time finding them & they aren't necessarily cheap (compared to the overall cost of the pet fountain itself), but they are a perfect replacement filter!