PUR Basic Pitcher/Dispenser Water Replacement Filter, CRF950Z, 3 Pack

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PUR Basic Pitcher/Dispenser Water Replacement Filter, CRF950Z, 3 Pack
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The unique, premium carbon PUR Pitcher Replacement Water Filter removes 95 percent of mercury. The PUR Water Filter also reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and 96 percent of trace levels of pharmaceuticals, giving you clean, great-tasting water. It still leaves behind the beneficial fluoride that is added to the water. The PUR Pitcher Water Filter 3-pack can fit any PUR pitcher or dispenser, and each of these PUR Water Filters can provide up to 120 gallons of clean water. Use the PUR Pitcher Replacement Water Filters and enjoy six to nine months of clean, great-tasting drinking water straight from your own kitchen faucet.


Effective water filter

This kind of filter came with the PUR pitcher that I bought. The instructions said to change the filter every 2 months. When it was time to change the filter I changed this one out with a cheaper Great Value water filter. The Great Value filter, which seems to be modeled more closely to a Brita filter, allowed the water to filter through much more quickly but with a notably higher amount of chlorine taste passing through. Upon closer inspection of the PUR filter I noticed that there is a spongy cellulose media above and below the charcoal part and I think this makes the big difference. If you want water that is absolutely filtered as much as possible, without having to deal with residual charcoal pieces in the first 2 filtrations then this is ideal. Just do not mistake your filter for a "dud" if it takes a long time for the water to filter through.


Great for everyday use.

I've had my PUR large pitcher for several years and have really liked it. The filters help so you don't have to buy as much bottled water for everyday use (when making coffee, drinking water, tea, mixing into foods...). However, in my last package, I got 2 'dud' filters. The 1st one did not allow the water to drip into the pitcher and no matter how many times I emptied, removed, and reinserted the filter, it did not work. I tossed into the trash (goodbye $$) and opened the 2nd one. That one worked like a charm. Then it came time for the 3rd...lo and behold, it was exactly like the first one (goodbye to more $$)...talk about a rip-off! The filters are not that inexpensive and to have to toss 2 of them really irked me. If this had never happened, I'd be thrilled and the rating would have been different but, 2 duds out of 3 chances? Nope, not a good thing.


Great for everyday use.

The filters don't work. The water does not pass through. I bought a pack of 3 and they all had the same issue. It is very frustrating to buy something and then it does not do the job. I keep emptying the water, remove the filter, shake it and put it back but nothing


Works well

I have been using Pur products for many years now. While it's nothing to write home about, it is something we take everywhere we go. Love the small model Pur for that. The product works well and has great size options. BPA free.


Works well

Great product. Just wish filter itself was recyclable because still filters are to throw away... but they do save bottled water waste. Yes filters make water just great tasting. Thanks, bye.