Bird-X Bird Proof Transparent Repellent

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Bird-X Bird Proof Transparent Repellent
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Keep nuisance birds away with this Natural Bird Repellent by Bird-X Bird-Proof, a simple, non-toxic solution that can be applied to any surface. This pigeon repellent is maintenance-free and will last for several months, with the added benefit of no upkeep for you. You can use this Bird Control Repellent on any ledge or landing surface to prevent birds from roosting. After application, the gel is not noticeable from a distance and, best of all, it is harmless to both humans and animals. It only serves to deter birds from roosting on any ledges. The entire case of Bird-X Bird-Proof Natural Bird Repellent will treat 120 linear feet.
Product Features
  • To discourage pigeons and starlings from buildings and structures
  • easy to use
  • covers 120 linear feet
  • standard 10 oz. caulk tube
  • non-toxic solution

Unknown Customer

This stuff works

After trying spikes and netting to keep pigeons away from two areas where they were nesting on the roof (AND laying eggs), BirdX has kept them away. I applied BirdX to the hip, along edges, and in the nesting area under two eaves. No pigeons on the roof at all now. They are all going to the neighbors roofs.


It works!

If you put this gel on every conceivable surface a bird would lite on, it will keep them away. We've finally gotten rid of barn swallows and the mess they make by using this product.


No good

Is only one 12 pk


Haven't had it long but it is working.

Working well


birds don't come near this stuff, it works

applied near pool area and on the roof, and birds don't even come close anymore.