Tone Fitness Stability Ball

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Tone Fitness Stability Ball
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The Tone Fitness 55cm Anti-burst Stability Ball is an easy-to-use, effective accessory for core conditioning, balance training and spinal stabilization. This ball is also useful in weight training and physical therapy to help with a wide variety of exercises. The Tone Fitness 55cm Anti-burst Stability Ball can be used in yoga, pilates and fusion exercise programs to help strengthen and firm abs, back and buttocks. This pilates ball is helpful during rehabilitation as it allows for a wide variety of motion ranges. It is comfortable, convenient and durable during effective total body workouts. This Anti-Burst Fitness Ball features a durable, burst-resistant shell and deflates slowly if punctured, protecting the user from injury. This pilates ball is well-suited for home use and can also be used in a professional gym setting as a part of aerobics classes with ease.

Tone Fitness Anti-burst Stability Ball:

  • Effective for core conditioning, balance training and spinal stabilization
  • Incorporates into yoga, pilates and fusion exercise programs
  • Durable, burst-resistant shell
  • Designed to slowly deflate if punctured
  • Ideal for home use
  • WARNING: This product contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm

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Great Product - Especially for the Price

Ok - so it hasn't actually passed the 'fitness' test yet as this has basically just been my 7 year old son's favorite chair for the three weeks that it has been inflated so far. He just bounces up and down on it while he plays the Wii. I suppose that in itself is kinda like stability training for him in a way as he's constantly trying to keep himself on the ball as he plays. Anyway - it seems very durable, hasn't lost any air and at ten bucks you can't beat it. The hand pump that comes with it is extremely cheap and it fell apart numerous times as I was inflating it (but with a little patience you can keep putting it back together - as you can see in my pics). The plastic hole plug is pretty hard to remove from the hole once you put it in; but it has to be very snug for obvious reasons (a few times I needed to take it back out when I realized that it wasn't inflated enough and I needed a coin to jimmy up the edge enough so I could grab onto it).


Good ball with everything you need

Can't wait to open it after picking up. The ball come with a pump, two sealing nails, and even a tape which can show the maximum inflaction size of the ball, everything you need. That's what I want.


Yoga Ball

I love the ball... the only thing i would say is that it's not as pink as it appears online. It's more purple. Overall though, it's works great!


It's a ball!

It is a ball, and you can do exercises with it. (simple stuff and hard to mess up) It comes with a dvd with a few extra exercises demonstrated that were not on the glossy paper leaflet that came with it. They were enough to get me started, the best info is on you tube. It also comes with an air pump. Works fine and easy and quick to fill. The ball is very firm, but seems to work fine, I am 5' and 3/4" tall and when the ball is fully inflated, my legs are not at the recommended 90 degrees when sitting, but not far off. I left it that way thinking it might relax or loose air--it did not, but I use it as is still. If you are on the borderline of going to the next size ball for your height, I'd get the bigger ball. I like pink real well, but seriously wish it was white or something. It seems a good value for the price.


Great product, great price!

Wonderful tool for strength training. I weighed right at the weight limit and this ball has held up nicely. I bought this ball to help me with my weight loss and it has turned out to be somthing I use quite often. After using this ball, I have shaved 3 inches off of my waist and 2 off of my thighs! Definately worth the money!