CAP Fitness Stability Ball, Assorted Sizes

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CAP Fitness Stability Ball, Assorted Sizes
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Improve core strength and spinal health with the CAP Fitness 65cm Stability Ball. The CAP Fitness 65cm Stability Ball offers a long list of benefits. You can incorporate the ball in a variety of exercises to improve core strength, flexibility, posture, muscle balance and so much more. Made to last and great for home use; this stability ball can be incorporated into your yoga, Pilates, fusion exercises and more! Just sitting on the ball a few minutes a day can help you improve daily activities. It works by reaching hard to reach muscles and increasing spinal stabilization. This makes it a great choice for those with lower back issues that are looking to increase spinal health. The ball provides a low impact way of supporting the lower back as you stretch and perform various exercises. Easily maintain proper inflation with the included air pump!
CAP Fitness 65cm Stability Ball, Silver:
  • 65cm stability ball
  • Improves back health and tones body
  • Strengthens your core
  • Low impact
  • Improve core strength, flexibility, posture and more
  • Ideal for home use
  • Great for a variety of fitness routines


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it's the right size, right color, right feel, and price.


don't buy on price alone

great price but it only lasted 2 days went by the inst. on blowing it up use it for two days and it busted


Great product, maybe a little small

I bought 20 of these to use in my third grade classroom. So far, they're working great. The students love them and they're holding air well. When you first blow them up, you have to bounce on them a little bit and unstopper them and pump more air in to get them blown up all the way. It isn't a flaw with the ball -- all yoga/stability balls are like this. If you don't do this, they will seem a little small. But the material is thicker than I expected. Honestly, for $6 each, these are a complete steal and I recommended them to all the teachers in my building.


Easy set up, holds lots of weight

I found this very easy to get blown up with the pump provided. It took about 6-7 minutes total. It seems more like it is 55cm - it looks smaller than my other 65cm ball, but it's close. 65cm was written on the box. It also came with a black exercise band that I wasn't expecting. It's a great price, and it holds a lot of weight. I'm a size 3x woman and it supports me safely and comfortably. This is my 2nd exercise ball. I have one that has the legs on it that was around $70. I do prefer that one because it's more stable and I use that one as a desk chair. I have seen bases for these sold separately- I got this one for watch tv and exercise. So far it is fine for that.


Easy set up, holds lots of weight

Very good piece equipment use with my football team during our training