Haier HWE12XCRLD 12,000 BTU 11.2 Ceer Electronic Control Air Conditioner

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Haier HWE12XCRLD 12,000 BTU 11.2 Ceer Electronic Control Air Conditioner
MSRP : $269

Sale : $239
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Stay cool this summer with the Haier 12,000 BTU, 11.2 Ceer Electronic Control Window Air Conditioner. It is well-suited for cooling a mid-size room up to 550 square feet. This 12,000 BTU air conditioner features three different fan and cool speeds plus Auto Cool to regulate the temperature quickly. It comes with a variety of settings, including cool, fan, energy save and dehumidify to best suit your individual needs. This Haier AC has a 24-hour timer and sleep mode for optimal performance. It is also easy to install and has adjustable vents to direct the air in a specific direction. The AC comes with specific instructions for correct usage to help you get the very best out of it. Place it in a bedroom, family room, den or office for a cool, relaxing space.

Haier 12,000 BTU 11.2 Ceer Electronic Control Air Conditioner:
  • 12,000 BTU
  • Cools rooms up to 550 sq ft
  • 3 Cool/3 Fan Speeds plus Auto Cool
  • Cool, Fan, Energy Save, Dehumidify
  • 24 Hour Timer plus Sleep Mode
  • Model# HWE12XCR-LD
  • Remote Control
  • 6' power cord
  • Minimum Window Dimensions Required: H Min 14.56, W Max 26.13, W Min 37.75



I bought two Hairer AC units from Walmart. One was 6000 btu, the other 12,000 btu. Both of them did not cool correctly. I was in denial thinking that it must be some kind of energy saving new technology... So I did not take them back. The 12000 btu couldn't even cool a 120 sq foot area! I finally got sooo angry I purchased a Frigidaire 10000 btu from Amazon!!! It works like a charm!! I even got it the next day!!! I didn't get a return plan with these Harier units and was in denial for the entire summer so now I have $550 window art laying in my building!!! I am completely dissatisfied!!! I hate the idea that I was so patient with these units. It is now my sole desire to stop anyone from purchasing this brand!! BUY FRIGIDAIRE ... Same cost much better unit!!!! You have to figure, if Frigidaire is in the business of making refrigerators they must be able to make an AC unit with their hands tied behind their backs!!


Haier 5000btu window unit

So I purchased a window unit from Walmart 5000 btu that lasted maybe 2 month's. Unfortunately i did not save my receipt. We have two kids and i told a family member about it...so they bought me a new one. I didnt even have it two weeks and the control panel wont do anything. So i called Haier and they are willing to give me a voucher for $140! Unfortunately I have to purchase a new AC unit within 90 days and then they want to send the new receipt and waited an additional 10 to 17 business days to even receive a refund! Money don't grow on trees and they expect me to pay for it and then wait for a refund! I am not happy with the quality of the Haier window units 5000btu ! I have several appliances that are GE that I happen to love but when it comes down to window units I think I'll stick with Fridigaire window units! This will be my second Haier window unit & they both broke with in 3 months!


Works great!

I would have given this window a/c unit five stars if it had stated in the specifications that it works best with wooden window casings. My windows being in metal window casings made putting this in a little harder that it should have. That being said, the a/c actually works beautifully!! It cools my living room, dining room and kitchen easily. It is not loud in my opinion. I believe a regular fan is louder.


Works great!

Works great, not too load. The room is now freezing. Great deal.


OK for the money

This AC is OK, however, the reason for the lower rating is that it is quite noisy. It is difficult to be in the same room and be able to hear over the AC. For the money it is a nice machine, but unless you plan to put it in a room other than one you use regularly, the noise is annoying.