Equate Sterile Multi-Purpose Contact Solution , 12 Oz, 2 Pk

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Equate Sterile Multi-Purpose Contact Solution , 12 Oz, 2 Pk
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Keep your contacts clean with Equate Sterile Multipurpose Solution 12 Fl Oz. This cleaning formula is designed for use with lenses replaced in 30 days or less. The Equate solution is an all purpose liquid that performs several steps all in one. It cleans, rinses, disinfects and stores your contact with its special ingredients. This multipurpose solution is safe for use with various makes of contact lenses. Use it every day to remove proteins from your lenses. Avoid scrubbing and simply let the lens soak to get them clean.
Product Features
  • For soft contact lenses
  • Retains moisture for lasting comfort
  • Cleans, disinfects, rinses and stores
  • Removes protein daily
  • Sterile

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Compare to Opti-Free Replenish®*
*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Alcon®, owner of the registered trademark Opti-Free® Replenish®.

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Innefective at removing protein deposits

You don't pay a lot for this product compared to B&L Renu, and after months of comparison I know why. Although this Equate solution does a fine job at disinfecting lenses, it does only a fair job at removing protein deposits. These deposits build up on the lens and your eye feels like they have grit in them. Once my lenses reached this point, I placed them overnight in B&L Renu solution, which completely eradicated all detectable traces of protein deposits the next day. And continued use kept them spotless. I've done this experiment several times over the last year, and each time I allow the protein to build up using Equate, I am able to remove it overnight with B&L Renu. Maybe this isn't a scientific test, but I've repeated it enough times to be confident in the results. I've permanently switched to B&L Renu, even though it costs twice as much, it works much better at removing protein deposits.


Buy Equate brand, save money.

Works just like the name brand, but at less than half the price.


The Absolute BEST Value-for-Dollar!!!

I have been using this stuff for a bit over a year now... I went back to contact lenses after 10-11 years away about 14 months back. The first two months I bounced around with a few different name brand solutions, I think I liked Bausch & Lomb ReNu the best, I believe I used that Back In The Day so-to-speak. But I was getting killed with $9.99 bottles going so quickly. When I decided to give this stuff a try, because despite some claims otherwise, Walmart spent big money on their Equate scientists to make this stuff *NEARLY CHEMICALLY IDENTICAL* to the solution they've copied, allowing for only a small difference to survive any lawsuits (patents and similarities and stuff...legal beagal schtuff...) But at $5.48 a 2 pack, this is like 1/3 the price of a similar quality solution. IT HAS BEEN AMAZING. Absolutely the best value in a do-it-all soft contact lens multipurpose solution there is on the market! When I changed lenses to a newer version of silicone hydrogels, I noticed I didn't get as good results, so I decided to buy some of the Equate Moisture solution that is nearly exactly the same as Alcon's $$11/bottle, but at $5.50 a bottle. This stuff was amazing and even higher quality for long days wearing silicone hydrogel lenses. What I HAVE LEARNED, is to buy BOTH... I buy two 2-packs of the $5.48 Equate multipurpose solution and one two-pack of the $11.50 Equate Moisture solution... I do the high-volume rinsing morning and night with the less-expensive stuff (this is the best value you could find in such a product) and I use the expensive stuff to soak overnight and when adding to clean the lenses/rubbing before rinses. I have full confidence I am getting the highest quality contact lens cleaning experience for the lowest prices. You might be able to find better products, but definitely not for the price , and this is the best value overall.

Marla G

Great value

Great price.. I would purchase again


I don't buy anything else...

As a contact lens wearer for the past 15 or so years, once I discovered this brand of lens solution, I never looked back. The other brands are just way too expensive and you only get one bottle of solution. Even with name brand coupons, this double pack is the way better deal!! It does the same job as the name brands but you can literally buy double the lens solution if you go with this brand!