Great Value LED Light Bulbs, 8.5W (60W Equivalent), Soft White, 4-count

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Great Value LED Light Bulbs, 8.5W (60W Equivalent), Soft White, 4-count
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These Great Value LED Light Bulbs take the place of 60W incandescent bulbs, only using 8.5W. That means saving up to 80% of your energy bills over the bulb's lifetime. With an average lifespan of 9 years and a medium base, these bulbs are perfect for any room in your home.
Great Value LED Light Bulbs 8.5W, 60W Equivalent, Soft White, 10K, 4-Pack:60W equivalentEnergy efficient4-packSoft whiteLED lightbulbSave up to 80 percent on energy costsMedium baseLight output: 800 lumensLasts 9 Years


Great value light bulbs

Best deal I have found for light bulbs! I don't like the twisted kind or the ones that have to warm up before they get bright enough to see! I would highly recommend these!


Great Price

Was really great to get such a supply.. and to have backups to replace my old incandescent bulbs as they burn out.. may get more when they have them on sale again..


Long Lasting

I have several lamps that are on for about 16 hours every day, and, in the past, I found myself changing them every month or so. I've had these bulbs in my lamps for over a year now, and I haven't had to change them yet. I couldn't be happier with these light bulbs, and this is my second order.


Very impressed with the quality and brightness!!

These LED Bulbs are the best value on the market now. This are very bright and last 20,000 hours unlike some of the inexpensive 5,000 hour LED bulbs that are starting to appear on the market now.


Light color

When lit, it has the same color of light as an incandescent ligh bulb. Does not look like typical LED light.