Pet All Star XL Pet Training Pads, 75 Pack

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Pet All Star XL Pet Training Pads, 75 Pack
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Favorite Potty Pads, but going extinct??

This brand is fantastic and I’ve never had a problem with them. I use these inside my AKC Potty Patch and this size fits perfectly! Their low priced and hold urine very well. Can’t beat the price! I’ve been unable to find them recently. I went to 5 Walmart’s and they were pulled from all the shelves. I had to order these. I do not like other brands because their either a bad fit or their material just falls apart. I hope the company isn’t going out of bussiness because I’ll have to start stockpiling them now!


Love these pads for my dog!

They absorb so well! Never a mess to clean it. Great purchase.


My 3 Little Girls Love These Potty Pads

Love the larger size, odor control works well. I have 3 very small, 4 pounds and smaller, Chihuahuas. They don't go outside so a good potty pad is necessary, and i have tried many kinds. I keep 2 pads out, 1 in utility room and one in den. No odor, but do keep all solid messes picked up. Recommend to all.



These are the worst pee pads ever...unless you have a 2 pound Yorkie which may work for them. They are paper thin, absolutely NO PADDING and will splatter like a flat rock with no absorbing. I don't know how they received so many high reviews as they are totally worthless. I have a 25# service dog. Very well trained for pee pads as that is what he uses all the time. The brand I use all the time, which is ONLY carried by Walmart and they have been out of for quite a long time, I decided to try these because of the rating...that must be by friends or workers of the company...thankfully, I also purchased a much more expensive brand that is very good, but too expensive to use all the time as the package of 75 of All Star that I purchased will last about 10 days...if Im lucky. WILL NEVER PURCHASE AGAIN AND BEWARE OF FALSE RATINGS as there is no way these would rate anything but a zero.


Would recommend for smaller dogs

I have a 11lb morkie and use these. I have tried many brands and these by far are the best. No trouble with leaks unless she uses it too close to the edge. Not sure how they’d work for larger dogs but would recommend for smaller ones for sure. Also not sure how my nickname got to be disappointed.