Parent's Choice Baby Bottles, 9 fl oz, 3 Count

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Parent's Choice Baby Bottles, 9 fl oz, 3 Count
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BPA-free decorated Parent's Choice Bottles are made of 100% FDA-approved food grade polypropylene. The bottles come with one slow flow nipple. The soft vented nipple promotes natural feeding and helps prevent ingestion of air by baby and nipple from collapsing during feeding. A secure cap keeps nipple clean and reduces leaking when travel.

Parent's Choice Bottles:
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Designed to reduce air intake
  • Soft, vented silicon nipple



Nipple pops into bottle almost every time and formula dumps everywhere. Do Not Buy.


the nipples bend

i got my baby girl this bottle like a month or less, and ever since the second week the nipple started to bend i tried to fix it but nothing. the other 2 bottles are fine and are my babys favorite bottles just this one came bad.


Great affordable bottles

They are inexpensive and I currently have 3 of the small size. They are better than some of the expensive ones out there. They are easier to clean than DR. Browns and of course my baby girl loves them!


Fits Dr Brown’s

I use these with the Dr. Browns anti colic stems and nipples and they work great. (My dr browns were gettong cloudy from cleaning so much). Haven’t tried it as sold bc I’m scared to try yet. Dr. Browns innards work great with this though!


Great feeding bottles

These are excellent quality bottles. Very easy to use and maintain. Easily washable in dishwasher. Comfortable for babies as well. Does not cause any colic. My both the children have used them.