Equate Chocolate Nutritional Shake, 8 Oz, 16 Ct

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Equate Chocolate Nutritional Shake, 8 Oz, 16 Ct
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Now with resealable cap, Equate Chocolate Nutritional Shake is an excellent source of 24 essential vitamins and minerals.

Equate Chocolate Nutritional Shakes:
  • Regular calorie formulation to help promote and maintain an active lifestyle
  • Now with reclosable cap
  • Suitable for people with lactose intolerance
  • New and improved taste
  • Naturally and artificially flavored
  • Package contains 16 Equate chocolate shakes in 8 fl oz bottles


Helping to keep my mom alive

My mom is fighting 4th stage bone and kidney cancer. She rarely wants to eat, but she has 3 to 4 of these drinks a day and seems to be keeping most of her weight on her. Sometimes we mix it with ice to make a shake and sometimes we heat it like hot chocolate. She loves it.


Helping to keep my mom alive

I live on this stuff. I cannot eat much solid food and it keeps me alive.


Economical and tasty

Great price when compared to the six pack and certainly a bargain when compared to the name brand Ensure or Boost. Taste is great as well.


Equate shakes

Both my mother when she had cancer and my father in-law with Alzheimer's like the equate all flavors . the also like ensure.and ensure has more flavors. The Walmart by us has chocolate ,vanilla and strawberry in the smaller Pak's but only chocolate and vanilla in the larger size. I wish they carried 24 or 36 packs .for those you have to go to Sams club or online.



Missy, I totally agree with you on the "New Improved Flavor". I can not get past the taste. My taste buds do not like it. If the "old flavor" isn't brought back, I won't be purchasing any more in the future. It USED TO BE my "go to quick meal". Kept them in the fridge, in my vehicle, at work..... Sure will miss it if they don't reconsider.