PET All Star Puppy Pads, 100 ct

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PET All Star Puppy Pads, 100 ct
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Keep your floors clean while training your puppy with Pet All Star Puppy Pads. These training pads feature five-layer construction for fast absorbency. They also include a scent that attracts puppies.

Pet All-Star Puppy Pads, 100-Count:
  • Construction provides for fast absorbency
  • 5-layer protection
  • Embossed pattern locks in moisture
  • Scent attracts puppies
  • Contains odor-neutralizing pulp
  • Leak-resistant for floor protection
  • Size: 22" x 22"
  • Weight: 28g/pc
  • 100-count pack of Pet All Star training pads,
  • Diamond quilt
  • Neutralizer pulp


They Have Changed for the WORSE!

I have bought these for years and years for my 13 year-old dog and they have changed the way they make these pads. They are not as thick, the backing is not as thick, the color is light-blue instead of medium blue because they are using different materials. The edges are shorter and she needs every millimeter of those edges to catch pee with her aim. I could tell right out of the box they felt different without even looking. The first time I bought a smaller box than the 100 count, so thought maybe that was why. I then bought a 100 count and they were normal. I just bought another 100 count and they are the thin, worthless ones, so I must have gotten a good batch the last time that was still on the shelf before the quality changed. They didn't even fit in the box the same when I opened it. Something is very, very wrong and I am not happy at all. I spend a heck of a lot of money on pee pads because Cookie is old, pees a lot, and doesn't go outside because I live in the woods where it is dangerous for a little dog. I depend on good pee pads and do NOT like what you have done to them. My toilet paper might be thicker.


Online ordering beats driving....

Easy to order, delivered promptly, and my Yorkie "Lily", loves them!!!



Pricing is great for the amount you get. Love the size of each pad. However, they don't absorb very well. One use and the urine has soaked through. Because of this, I think the quality isn't that good at all.



Love the price. Size is good and absorb well



I have 3 house dogs so these are important. I've tried several brands but like these the best. Reason: they stay in place better because they have more 'body', or aren't as thin. These cost a little more, but the quality is worth it to me.