Pure Balance Wild & Free Grain-Free Salmon & Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food, 24 lb

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Pure Balance Wild & Free Grain-Free Salmon & Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food, 24 lb
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Pure Balance believes in one pure and simple thought — the best nutrition for your dog starts with the best ingredients. Pure Balance Grain Free Salmon & Pea Recipe is made with carefully selected ingredients to ensure your dog gets all the nutrition he needs without any of the extra stuff he doesn't. This Grain Free recipe contains no corn, wheat, soy or grains making this ideal for dogs with food sensitivities. The first ingredient is real salmon, which helps build lean muscle mass in your dog so he can run, jump and play. And peas which deliver a natural source of fiber as well as carrots which offer beta-carotene to help support healthy eyes. Antioxidants like vitamins E and C help support and keep your dog's heart & immune system healthy.


Wish I had found this earlier.

I recently switched my two medium size dogs to Pure Balance grain free Salmon & Pea dry dog food. I wish I had found this much earlier! Both of my girls love this stuff! I had been reluctant to switch to a grain free formula because they were so expensive. WalMart was able to deliver this grain free product at a price that was reasonable, so I tried it. I'm impressed. They love it and it loves them. Their coats are shinier and they shed less. Their poop has tightened up and is less runny. Their allergies have improved. They are more active, even at 9 years old. They have slimmed down and look really great. I have always tried to feed them according to package directions, but even at less than suggested amounts the non-grain free foods seemed to make them fatter. Thank you WalMart for supplying a good grain free dog food at a sane price.


I love my Salmon and Pea!

My Hercules loves this food since he was 2. He's now 5 and still loves it ! it ranks high on the dog food reviews. My dog doesn't have any allergies or food caused illnesses . Love this brand and even though it's a house brand of Walmart and not those fancy ones , the ingredients are bar none compare to the expensive ones. And it's not even the price that matters ,it's the ingredients .


My dogs love it

My dogs love this food, and I love giving them something that is better for them. Grain free. High protein. My dogs are in better digestive health.


Beautiful coats and happy dogs!

My two dogs have been on this grain-free dog food for about 3 years. My golden retriever used to have thin hair with very few feathers on her legs. After about 6 months she had has lots of feathering! I noticed that they require a little more food to make up for less fillers. They have less itching and dry skin also. Think about it- it makes sense- dogs in the wild wouldn't eat the tops off of a wheat stalk! But they do eat fish, meat and and greens. Reasonably priced for comparable grain- free products.


Great dog food

I have three dogs ranging from a 2 year old weighing 10 pounds to a 9 year old weighing 90 lbs. Pure Balance is the only food I give them, any of the grain free flavors. I have seen a huge difference since I switched 2 years ago and it's all my baby has ever eaten.