Great Value Economy Heavy Duty Paper Plates, 9", 140 Count

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Great Value Economy Heavy Duty Paper Plates, 9", 140 Count
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Great Value Economy Heavy Duty Paper Plates, 9", 140 Count:
  • >Microwave Safe
  • Grease resistant
  • Ideal for everyday use or special occasions
  • 70% heavier than economy plates
  • Perfect for your next party
  • Great alternative to breakable plates
  • Makes cleaning up easy
  • Holds your favorite foods


Quality has chg'd now a BAD value

These paper plates used to be the best, but not any more! I always purchased heavy duty because they held up. My husband picked up a pkg yesterday, and when I saw them on the counter I asked why he bought the cheap ones?? He said he bought heavy duty. I checked the pkg they came out of and it said 'heavy duty'?? Not! I still had some leftover from a package I purchased a while back that also said 'heavy duty'. The new pkg plates are thinner, not as fluted and even the paper it is made out of is different -- it's not as shiny so I assume they aren't coated. Translation -- we are being sold the cheap ones that you have to use 2 or 3 at one time because they don't hold up. I guess Walmart changed it's supplier or the supplier went to a cheaper paper and processing method. Makes me wonder what other 'Great Value' products have changed?


Heavy duty paper plates

I am busy hate doing dishes so the heavy duty paper plates the best. Walmart had the best price



PRODUCT CHANGED! LIMP PLATES, NOT HEAVY DUTY. OK here is the deal: These plates used to be very crisp and thick and the edges turned up so that things would not fall off if you tilted the plate a little accidentally.. Now the edges do not stand up, and they are LIMP PLATES, NOT THICK, and the edges are flat. I checked that number which is scanned in the stores on the bottom of the cellophane packaging comparing it to the "good" plates, which we got for years. The "2" is what the new number ends in.. The old number ended in "1"... Otherwise the rest of the numbers are the same. My husband found some of the good ones in the store, but online you can't buy the good ones anymore. I'm switching to DIXIE!


Good value coated paper plates

Yes these are what other brands call coated paper plates. They have a slight gloss so are not so absorbant and weak as plain non-coated plates. They are made in a decent weight paper. I first bought these in the store a few months ago where I could see that the plates are in fact coated. The one's I purchased in the store were more moulded at the edges with nice deep scallops just like a pie crust, and they fit easily within standard paper plate holders. I really liked that. They were not too large for the frame like many paper plates are. But they stuck together way too much. It was quite difficult to separate to single plates. The ones I just received from my online order are much less moulded- a flatter plate like all the other brands out there...nothing special. Because of this, they are weaker for holding heavy items and wider in diameter so need to squish them a bit to fit in the plate holder notches. Without the plate holders they would not be as strong as the ones I had bought at the store that I really liked. That said, they don't stick together badly anymore, so that's good. It would be ideal if the plates had both the more moulded edges AND not stick together.


decent quality

If you use a lot of cheap paper plates and find yourself frequently having to double up and use 2 plates, this product is a money-saving quality upgrade!