Bestair Heavy Duty Compactor Bags, 16" D x 9" W x 17" H, 12 Ct

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Bestair Heavy Duty Compactor Bags, 16" D x 9" W x 17" H, 12 Ct
MSRP : $19.87

Sale : $10.88
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Strong, wet-strength paper plus plastic liner resists punctures and moisture Pre-cuffed for secure mountingPre-formed to fit most rectangular compactor units Pre-cuffed for secure mounting Reinforced, bonded bottom seal for maximum strength
Bestair Heavy Duty Compactor Bags, 16" D x 9" W x 17" H, 12 Ct


Paper Compactor Bags

These bags are the least expensive bags that I can find anywhere! Let's face it, they are garbage bags and will ultimately be thrown out with the trash. Remember, you are literally throwing away your money if you go for higher priced bags! All compactors come with a heavy plastic type remover holder to lift and carry the full bag out of your house. Strength of the paper bag is not that critical, really. These bags are more than satisfactory. Be warned that the online Walmart price is lower than the instore Walmart price! Order it online for store pickup and save about $1.30 or so. That kind of pricing game always was a real turnoff to me, but be aware of it. That game is easy to play, and win!


Paper Compactor Bags

We use these bags and find them MUCH BETTER than plastic ones. These stay in place until YOU remove them. Only problem is Our Mooresville North Carolina store is almost always out of them when I go to buy them!! I have been 2 times in the last couple of weeks, and each time there were none available! I made a special trip each time! Now I'm going to try to find them online somewhere.... as Walmart does not have them available to order, and now I have been out for 3 or 4 weeks!


These bags are WONDERFUL!!!!!

I have had my trash compactor for 15 years and I wish I had found these bags way back when I bought it. Do not ever buy anything but these bags again!!! I know I wont be buying those dumb plastic bags that rip and dont fit the compactor. These bags last me two weeks because they fit the compactor and you get every ounce of space. Have never had one rip or tare.



I had been buying the bags from Sears but I could not find them there so I checked walmart. I found them at the store & they are just like the ones I bought at Sears. They are perfect & totally work. Great bags.


Just like the original

These are just like the original heavy paper bags with plastic coated interior sold by Sears. An exact fit for the compactor and best bag for the job.