Otterbox Defender Series Case for 5th and 6th Gen device, Black

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Otterbox Defender Series Case for 5th and 6th Gen device, Black
MSRP : $39.95

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The OtterBox Defender Series iPod touch 5G case is made for adventure. Whether that's braving urban traffic on a bicycle or bouncing around in a backpack full of textbooks, this case is made to live through the worst with your iPod touch safely inside. Go with confidence and never worry about where and when it's safe to use. The Defender Series iPod touch 5G case is practically indestructible.
Silicone plugs cover the main openings, including lightning port, headphone jack and volume controls; All features are fully functional through the case, including front and rear cameras, microphones and sensors; Includes lanyard that attaches to inner shell for convenient carrying


Best case for iPod touch 5 yet!!!!

This is an amazing case, I also got it 4 days earlier! The case was easy to put on and take off, all buttons worked great. Great quality, great durability too! There are no cons about this case!


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wish i could give it 20 stars but i cant love the case buy it


Nice Product

Walmart was early with shipping as usual, which is always a plus. Thank you. As for the product, it is very well done. My ipod fits snugly into the housing. The screen and ports are still very accessible and visible. The ony issuse I have with the product at all would be the lack of soft cushion on the inside as well. I don't like the idea of the ipod fitting snug against hard plastic. It does have a thin rubber rectangle to protect the back of the ipod on the inside of the case, but nothing around the rim of the ipod. Hopefully in most cases the outer rubber is enough to take most of the impact. As far as screen protection, I think it will protect against scratches, however I 'm not too sure about drops. I think it's wise to get a Zagg screen protector on it also. This case is still far better than anything out there. It is also surprisingly sleek for the protection that it affords. I give it a 98%.


A Pricy but Outstanding Case

I have owned this case for approx. a month. For a protective case, it is outstanding. This is due to the following factors: -It is sleek -It is attractive -It is lightweight Because of these factors, the case does not seem to take much or anything away from the "sexy" of the iPod touch without the case. However... If you are currently using an adhesive screen protector (such as InvisibleSHIELD) with your iPod touch, and are planning to buy this case, I would STRONGLY recommend that you remove it before putting on the case. I say this because if you press to hard on OtterBox's built-in screen protector, it will "stick" to the adhesive screen protector, leaving an extremely ugly effect of your iPod display. However, this can be fixed by disassembling the case, then putting it back together again. The only other thing that I would complain about is the price of this case. However if money is not an issue for you, then I would say that this case is almost considered a "must have".


Lives up to the Name!

This case is fantastic - the screen doesn't impede interacting with the touch screen of the ipod, and the case is sturdy. My only gripe was the instructions - they were basically terrible and did NOT help me. I had to youtube a video that showed me how to do it. It has two silicone caps for the charging port and headphones plug in - that's the easiest way to pop the silicone free of the case! It's also useful in general.