AT&T CL2909 Standard Phone - White

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AT&T CL2909 Standard Phone - White
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Speakerphone offers Caller ID/Call Waiting capability and a dial-in base speakerphone. Ideal for a small office or home office stand-alone phone. Phone features a 14-number memory, three one-touch memory buttons, flash, hold, and last number redial. Caller ID has a 65 name/number caller ID history, display dial and remove button. Setup menu is in English, Spanish and French. Speakerphone uses four AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) for the speakerphone, hold, mute, flash, caller ID features, screen display, feature options menu, directory, clock, and the CALL INFO light.AT&T Standard Phone - White
Speakerphone with Caller ID, call waiting and dial-in base speakerphoneOffers a 65-number directory, 14-number memory, bilingual menu and three one-touch, memory buttonsIncludes last number redial, hold, mute, flash, clock, CALL INFO light and directorySpeakerphone uses four AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)Compatible with both hearing aids and headsets


UPC : 650530018961 - AT&T CL2909 Standard Phone - White -

So far I have no problem I was able to mounted on the wall set the phone was easy


Overall good price and good quality.

This seems to be a good quality phone for the price. The only issue I have with the phone is when I use the speakerphone. If the volume is set too high, the audio is somewhat distorted. I think maybe this is due to the quality of the speaker, it probably is not large enough to handle the volume properly. Other than this, there are other great features, which in my opinion supersede the issue with the speaker, (I merely lower the volume to a more comfortable level). The price was only $20.00, and I wanted a landline phone that had the keypad on the phone itself, and not on the handset. (I wanted to record the voices of our little grandchildren off of voice messaging from the phone company to my digital recorder), hence the desire for a speakerphone. The telephone required 4 AA batteries, in order to allow for the memory related features to work, and the batteries are not included, (not a deal breaker in my opinion).


Great for the price, wished it came in black

I just needed a reliable corded phone for my home office so I no longer have to worry about dead or weak batteries for the previous cordless phone. A new rechargeable battery pack would have cost about the same if not more than this phone. Does everything I need. Speaker phone sounds and delivers voice great. Works fine with VOIP systems. Needs 4XAA batteries for the call ID, call waiting, digital screen and speaker phone, as there is no AC adapter, but no problem for me since I have most of that (except speaker phone) on my Vonage box anyway, which requires no batteries. The phone still works fine without the batteries so you won't get disconnected during a call and will still be able to use basic calling and call receiving functions without batteries. May have been better with an AC adapter to rid reliance on batteries for those without a second system to take care of the extra features and would have preferred it in black instead of white, but it only comes in white. Best price at the time for all the features compared to Panasonic, Uniden and Emerson.



Good phone from a recognized brand. Great value. Good features, especially the speaker phone. Also the speed dialing feature works really well and was easy to program. I have had other phones where speed dialing setup was so intricate I never used it. Good tone. Pleasant ring tone. All in all a good phone and great value.


Good value

Would have been 5 stars, but had to put batteries in to use speakerphone. Not able to get caller ID, so that part is useless...