Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Jr. with Super Shaker

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Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Jr. with Super Shaker
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The new Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Jr. with Super Shaker has been designed for guys and girls of all ages who are on a mission and a budget. The name says junior, but it is packed with all the good stuff that has made the Sonic Bomb the preferred weapon of students throughout the world. It is stealth grey in color with red controls, and it has a night-vision display with a pulsating light. This device won't keep you in the dark. To awaken the seriously drowsy, the Sonic Alert bomb alarm clock features a powerful 6V bed shaker. If that is not enough, 102 decibels of extra loud sound will make sure you are up and wide awake right away. For the best alarm, the tone and volume controls are fully adjustable to your preferences. A reliable 9V battery backup ensures a dependable alarm every morning. Put your confidence in the Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Jr. with Super Shaker that will exceed expectations and get you to your appointments or classes on time.

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Jr. with Super Shaker:
  • Packaged with a powerful 6V bed shaker
  • Pulsating flashing alert light
  • Bright red display
  • Loud alarm
  • Adjustable tone and volume control
  • The 9V battery guarantees a successful mission day after day
  • Sonic Alert bomb alarm clock comes with a 1-year warranty


Great to use when you really need to get up!

I recently started working long overnight shifts, and my old alarm wasn't doing the job, when i accidentally overslept and was late to work 4 hours!!!, i had to find a better way to wake up. I'm very satisfied with this alarm, I can be a deep sleeper at times, but the vibrating function and the flashing LED lights of this alarm is all I need to spring out of bed fast!....i don't even need the siren function, which makes for a quiet form of waking up without noisy sounds for others. Best of all, it has a USB charging outlet in rear, which is very handy to have your cell phone fully charged for the start of your day. For the cost, it is a very good investment, just those 4 hours I lost of work that day was more than what this alarm cost, let alone risking losing my job for being continuously not on time; a very good investment indeed! :) Realtoruben Santa Rosa, CA


Wakes me up without noise!

I bought this for myself as a gift for my husband--I have narcolepsy so waking up in the morning is really hard, and often my alarm goes off 5-10 times before I can get up. We get up at different times and he's a light sleeper so it's a bit annoying for him to wake up before he needs to. I put the alarm clock in vibrate only mode and put the vibrating thingy in my pillowcase. I was worried it wouldn't vibrate hard enough to wake me but it totally does. I've only been using the clock for about a week, but so far my husband says he hasn't heard or felt the alarm go off, so I think this was a good gift!


Does the trick

Exactly what I needed. I wear noise cancelling ear plugs to drown out an upstairs neighbor who gets up at 4:30 a.m. every day and I couldn't hear my alarm. I don't hear her anymore but this alarm definitely wakes me and the bed shaker is awesome. I stick it inside the back of my pillow case.


perfect for me

I used to have a sonic alarm clock until it just stopped working. I wad using my phone to viberate me awake. It was always 50/50 whether or not it would wake me up. Sometimes I'm a deep sleeper, sometimes I'm not. Finally, I searched for the cheapest one. I came acrossed this one. I had my doubts but I'm pleased. It has woken me up every time. It's small and doesn't take up space. I even like it better than my old one.


Love To Hate

This is the alarm clock that will have even the happiest morning person hating it's existence. It's loud, bright and makes the bed move. If you can't wake up when it goes off, then you are dead. Although it's loud and bright, the vibrating pod isn't as strong as it could be with the JR model. I find it isn't that strong under the mattress, but I can feel it vibrate under the pillow. However, with all 3 wake up devices working, (sound, light and vibrator) you will wake up...even the soundest of sleepers that are almost impossible to wake up, will wake up. Easy to set up and understand all the functions. Larger numbers to help focus on the time once you jump out of bed. Good size snooze alarm button that can be set specifically for individual time preferences up to 30 mins. There's a volume control for the (annoying and loud) sound. Ample length of cord to put under the mattress or pillow. This also has one (super) bright red light that pierces through any dark room. Takes 2 AA batteries which are only used as a backup if the power goes out. Although it is smaller than the other Sonic Alarm, the JR is plenty powerful and makes it a bit easier to travel with. I find that this is the best alarm clock I've ever owned. I also find it is the most irritating alarm clock, also... but that is why I bought it. It does it's job WELL and who really doesn't find their alarm clocks irritating at wee hours of the morning? Definitely well worth the money spent ($26.01). Love to hate this purchase. Recommended product! TIP: If the vibrating pod under your pillow/mattress isn't working out for the sound sleeper, try setting pod in a bowl of change next to the alarm clock. That type of noise should do the trick, along with the alarm and light.