Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky 16GB Prepaid Smartphone, Black

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Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky 16GB Prepaid Smartphone, Black
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Stay connected with the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky 4GLTE Prepaid Smartphone. Capture memories with the 5MP camera/2MP front-facing camera/video recorder and bring them to life on the five-inch Super AMOLED screen display. This prepaid smartphone's wide dimension ensures it fits well in your palms for better handling. Running Marshmallow, the Android smartphone features a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, leading to better performance and quicker in-device communication. The Bluetooth v4.1 ensures your device is compatible with a broad range of devices while providing faster data transfer. With a powerful battery, the Straight Talk S320VL Samsung Galaxy Sky 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone ensures long talk hours and standby time. The WiFi and GPS Capabilities of the device allow you to explore the world around you and when you're looking for new fun, you can easily find find something out of the 1,000,000+ apps available on Google Play.
Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky 4GLTE Prepaid Smartphone:4G LTEAndroid 6.0 (Marshmallow) OS5.0" Super AMOLED screenBattery Talk Time: up to 25 hoursStandby Time: up to 13 daysWiFi capableInternal memory up to 16GB (device only)Dimensions: 5.6" x 2.7" x 0.3"Get apps, games, music and more on Google PlaySupports microSD memory Card up to 128GB (not included)5MP camera/2MP front-facing cameraMP3 playerA-GPS/GPS capabilities1.2GHz quad-core processorBluetooth 4.1 wireless technologyHearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Rating: M3/T4


HIGHLY disappointed

This phone seemed nice so I researched it since around November and bought it last night. I wanted a phone with Marshmallow 6.0. I got this because this is one of the few options with that operating system that also has capacitive navigation buttons ( navigation button on the phone its self rather than appearing on the screen). I found out after buying the phone that it does not have a blinking led notification light, the front camera sucks (the photo size is only 4:3), and there just seems to be a lot of features that are gone, like a music (media) player. They have it where you can use google play music but there is no system media player. The bad review is mostly biased in things I want but I was disappointed in how much it was lacking. It does have a beautiful interface and the screen quality is amazing but I'm not happy with the over all product. I kept trying to like it but I kept going back to my old phone (LG L41C, also know as LG Ultimate 2). I will be returning this today.


Excellent call quality!

Ive been with Straight Talk a long time and have used prepaid since 1999 so I have experienced an evolution! The Galaxy line is my favorite and the Sky is the best value for $100. And without question LTE combined with voice-assist is the best call quality I have ever had with Straight Talk. Every feature on Sky works well. I love using Bluetooth for calls and music. Sky has 1.5 gb of RAM and 16 gb of storage, accepts up to 128 gb cards. The amoled 5" screen is bright and beautiful and noticeably better than the screen on the LG L41C. The 2600 mAh battery life is good too and recharges quickly. Extra batteries and cases are abundant. The camera is so-so but for $100 I do not feel I can complain. The most annoying con is there is no LED indicator for notifications so I either put the phone away or check it every two minutes lol!!! Actually I do not mind it as I am use to it now! This phone works great everywhere I go! I am very happy with Sky.


Bad reception

the only reason I can't give this phone a 5 star is because I have lousy service unless I am outside. I only get 1 or 2 bars inside a house or building. I have had numerous Straight talk phones and have never had this problem before. I found out it doesn't work off Verison towers. It is worthless to me if I can't use it in my own home. Other than that it is a great phone. My daughter has the same phone and she has the same issue and she does not live with me so I know it isn't just a problem with just my phone. I want to stay with straight talk but if that is going to be an issue with all their phones I will have to go elsewhere. The Galaxy Luna has the same issue. I tried it and my daughters husband has the Luna and it has the same issue. Luckily I bought all the phones on Black Friday so I don't have a lot of money in them but when I bought 4 phones plus all the cases for the phones it adds up if we can't use them.


SIM Card issues

My son broke his old phone the week after black friday so we ended up paying full price for this phone. He chose this one because of the 16 GB storage because his 8GB one was filling up too fast with the games/music he plays on his phone. Seemed like a good phone at first but a week after we bought it Invalid SIM popped up. Now 3 months, 5 SIM cards and an entirely new Galaxy Sky phone and once again we have Invalid SIM. My son says it always dies in the same spot on the bus route. As the bus is coming out of a no service zone back into tower range the SIM card dies. If I hadn't invested over $150 in this phone and a case for it I would take a hammer to it and destroy it because it has been nothing but a headache since we bought it. Not very happy with this phone and I won't suggest anyone ever buy this particular phone. You may get a week or if you are lucky 2 weeks before the SIM card dies and you sit tapping your foot waiting on a replacement SIM. If you have to send your phone back....expect to be without a phone for about 2 weeks.


Don't waste your money!

I typically love Samsung phones. This phone has been a disappointment, however. First, let me say that my daughter and husband all have the same phone, purchased around the same time. I began to notice that the keyboard won't always pop up when it is needed for typing. I thought maybe it needed a system update or such. That has not been the issue though. I will have to close out of the app i am in completely and sometimes even need to restart the phone to get the keyboard to work. On top of that, it will freeze up or take forever to open an app. (I don't have that much on my phone to cause it to have an overloaded system. ) Mine has been doing this for about a month now (phones were purchased in November). Today, my husband stated his phone is "[email protected]" He told me the issues he was having and they are the exact same ones I am having. Our daughter has not had any issues yet, but we are placing our money on it, just waiting for it to happen. I was very excited to leave my iPhone behind and start anew with the Android system and the Samsung, but it was a complete waste of money.