Straight Talk 1,500 Mins/Unlimited Text Monthly $30 (Email Delivery)

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Straight Talk 1,500 Mins/Unlimited Text Monthly $30 (Email Delivery)
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Get access to nationwide service on Straight Talk's reliable network with no activation, reactivation, cancellation, daily access or overage fees. This card includes a 30-day plan with 1,500 minutes, unlimited text or multimedia messages and 100MB of Mobile Web access.

Straight Talk 1,500 Mins/Unlimited Text Monthly $30 (Email Delivery):
  • Nationwide service on Straight Talk's reliable network
  • No activation, reactivation, cancellation, daily access or overage fees
  • 30-day plan
  • 1,500 minutes
  • Unlimited text or multimedia messages
  • 100MB of Mobile Web access (on Mobile Web-enabled phones)
  • Calls to 411 at no additional charge
  • Not compatible with Androids, iPhones or smartphones
  • Straight Talk SIM cards are not compatible with this plan.
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This card only works on basic phones, not smartphones. Wal-Mart fails to mention this.


StraightTalk refuses to allow BYOP

Straight Talk supposedly has a bring-your-own-phone plan. I have an existing phone (from Tracfone, which is the EXACT SAME COMPANY as Straight Talk) that I wanted to activate with Straight Talk service. That's why I bought this item. I then tried to use the BYOP section of the StraightTalk website to activate the phone. No deal, wouldn't allow me to do so. It recognized the phone when I entered the phone's MEID/IMEI number, but refused to allow me to activate it on Straight Talk. The message I received was something like "Congratulations! You're already receiving great ..." whatever on Tracfone. Trust me, Tracfone is NOT a bargain when they make you pay per minute. Anyway, I contacted StraightTalk and went through their entire phone tree only to be told that, while they do have a BYOP program, any phones from Net 10 and Tracfone are specifically EXCLUDED from their program. No explanation why -- and there shouldn't be a valid reason why, since they are the SAME company. So, here I sit with this $30 piece of cardboard that I cannot use.


A Phone Card With Real Value

I've been a straight talk customer for a number of years now and have gone through a lot with the company but i'm still a Straight Talk customer. This added value to their $30 monthly plan is unbelievable!! I feel their service area is somewhat lacking but I rarely have an issue requiring service. I switch from AT&T to Straight Talk over ten years ago and have not looked back. I great service for the value.


Great product

How can you not like getting 500 more minutes and unlimited texts for the same amount of money that used to get you 500 less minutes and 1000 texts? The service has always been very good , I haven't had many problems with it.


Very poor customer service

I had problems crediting this card to my account. Customer service must be outsourced to a foreign company. the rep did not seem to understand anything I said. I was unable to get any resolution. I have used the Straight Talk wireless service for about a year without any problems. And I did save money over that time. I never needed to contact Customer service. So if things go smoothly while activating this, and you don't need assistance this may be good for you. But if something goes wrong, expect a very frustrating experience on the phone and the possibility of simply having to write off the money paid for the card as a loss.