Straight Talk 1,500 Mins/Unlimited Text Monthly $30 (Email Delivery)

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Straight Talk 1,500 Mins/Unlimited Text Monthly $30 (Email Delivery)
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Get access to nationwide service on Straight Talk's reliable network with no activation, reactivation, cancellation, daily access or overage fees. This card includes a 30-day plan with 1,500 minutes, unlimited text or multimedia messages and 100MB of Mobile Web access.

Straight Talk 1,500 Mins/Unlimited Text Monthly $30 (Email Delivery):
  • Nationwide service on Straight Talk's reliable network
  • No activation, reactivation, cancellation, daily access or overage fees
  • 30-day plan
  • 1,500 minutes
  • Unlimited text or multimedia messages
  • 100MB of Mobile Web access (on Mobile Web-enabled phones)
  • Calls to 411 at no additional charge
  • Not compatible with Androids, iPhones or smartphones
  • Straight Talk SIM cards are not compatible with this plan.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from within minutes of successful order placement.
  • A second email from [email protected] with access to your PIN will be delivered within 60 minutes*
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Not for Straight Talk smart phones

I purchased my son a ST smart phone for Easter b/c I cannot afford anymore contract phones in my household of 6. This was my trial run for a potential change to Straight Talk. However, can't use the $30 card for smart phones. Yes the card states that but it can be overlooked. We're a military family and taking a $30 hit matters. There should be an exchange compromise from ST for these situations. Very disappointed.


I prefer the unlimited more

I use more than 1, 500 min.a month so I prefer the $45.00 plan.


StraightTalk refuses to allow BYOP

Straight Talk supposedly has a bring-your-own-phone plan. I have an existing phone (from Tracfone, which is the EXACT SAME COMPANY as Straight Talk) that I wanted to activate with Straight Talk service. That's why I bought this item. I then tried to use the BYOP section of the StraightTalk website to activate the phone. No deal, wouldn't allow me to do so. It recognized the phone when I entered the phone's MEID/IMEI number, but refused to allow me to activate it on Straight Talk. The message I received was something like "Congratulations! You're already receiving great ..." whatever on Tracfone. Trust me, Tracfone is NOT a bargain when they make you pay per minute. Anyway, I contacted StraightTalk and went through their entire phone tree only to be told that, while they do have a BYOP program, any phones from Net 10 and Tracfone are specifically EXCLUDED from their program. No explanation why -- and there shouldn't be a valid reason why, since they are the SAME company. So, here I sit with this $30 piece of cardboard that I cannot use.


Cannot DownGrade to this Plan !

Learned the hard way that the $45 plan I choose was more than I needed. Very rarely use the call side of the plan. Use 99% of the time for texts. SO I bought a $30 plan - found that I am NOT allowed to change the plan. ST added the $30 plan and I lost a week of service. To explain - $45.00 bought 30 days of full service. Tried to change the plan - they added the card and I got only 21 days of full service. I was told that I would have to purchase a totally new ST service and change the number in order to have a $30.. plan. Voice mail recordings are always static and are not always clear. Customer service is poor. I have called in a few times for help. When the rep is done with the task they have just hung up. This caused me to have to call back, hold through the queue and then ask for help again for the other questions I needed hello with. When you want to add a pre-paid card in reserve - you must call or chat in. I need a second phone for my crafting business - I defiantly will NOT be buying that service with Straight Talk.



Since my account keeps kicking out my password, making it totally useless, I was looking for the next best way to add airtime every month without signing up for auto refill which seems to add higher fees(??). Anywho, this order went seamlessly, and I as able to add airtime to my Samsung R375C with no problems whatsoever. PIN didn't show up immediately, but I did receive an email from Wal-Mart with an URL to the PIN number the same day as my order. I was able to add the airtime via my phone, and it was automatically added to Reserve so the new 30-day service will pick up immediately when my current 30-day's ends. Thanks much for this convenience, even though there are taxes and fees to pay. I actually paid $33.38 for this "$30" airtime PIN.