Net10 1000 MIN Data / Text / Talk $25 (Email Delivery)

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Net10 1000 MIN Data / Text / Talk $25 (Email Delivery)
Sale : $25Sold & shipped by Walmart
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Net10 Wireless 1000 minutes Card

I bought the Net10 LG Lucky Phone at Walmart. To activate and use the phone I bought the Net10 1000 minutes/30 day monthly plan. They were positioned right next to one another. The associate that processed the order made no mention of potential problems, so I figured I was good to go. I figured wrong When I went to activate the phone with the minutes I received a message saying "this phone will never work with this plan. Your phone requires an unlimited monthly minute plan." So I went thru the packaging for both Net10 items and I found nothing that said the phone REQUIRES an unlimited plan. It says 30 day plan-- as does the 1000 minute card that I purchased along with the phone at the same time. Net10 and Walmart should do a much better job of explaining the restrictions of their products. Had I known that I needed an unlimited plan, that's what I would have purchased. Instead I got swindled out of $25 for a card I can never use. Be very careful when you decide to go with Net10.



Called to activate and they said it wasn't compatible with the plan I bought it for. No way to return, no credit toward a different card - just a complete loss.


very disappointed

I just purchased the ,25 dollar card online it days it's invalid I am very upset I can't afford to lose the ,,25 dollars I have three kids one being special needs makes me so sick and upset I lost the money .am trying to find out how to contact net10 about this issue it's not right :(


Does not say MONTHLY

I just bought my 2 10 year old twins a pair of phones and wanted to start them on a pay as you go plan. I figured this was it. I figured wrong. I want them to be responsible on their phones and learn how to use their minutes/texts/data appropriately.. This is supposed yo be their learning phones.. I probably learned more from this than they ever will.


Plenty of minutes at a reasonable price.

1000 minutes for $25.00, used to be 750 minutes. Unused minutes and service days do not carry over, and texting will cost 1 minute per text. Seems worth it compared to paying $20.00 for 200 minutes with carryovers.