Straight Talk Broadband 7GB $75 (Email Delivery)

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Straight Talk Broadband 7GB $75 (Email Delivery)
Sale : $75Sold & shipped by Walmart

Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot (3G):
  • Wireless Internet connection
  • No software to install
  • Connect your laptop or tablet and enjoy Internet connection
  • Connect up to 5 WiFi devices
  • User-friendly web interface
  • No contract
  • No monthly fees or charges
  • Flexible data cards

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Not the best value

Usually when you buy more data the price comes down per gig instead of going up. The other options allow you to buy data for 10 dollars a gig but this charges you more. You could by 3 of the 50 dollar cards and get 15 gigs of data for 150 or buy 2 of these and get 14 gigs of data for 150. This option really makes no sense to me. I would think they would make it cheaper per gig the more you buy instead more expensive.



The Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot, and the associated plans, are, without question, the "BEST" options on the market to access the Internet via MI-FI devices. I previously had bought a Verizon Ellipsis JetPack mobile hotspot device and dealt with major problems with connectivity and data loss throughout the first 4 days which consumed several hours talking on the phone with customer service during several phone calls during that time not to mention that I had to go back to BestBuy 2 times after originally buying the device for the device to be exchanged and their Verizon representative try to resolve the matter. I will 'NEVER' buy another Verizon MI-FI product nor will I recommend Verizon to anyone I know. Walmart's 'STRAIGHT TALK' is a 'WINNER'!


Minimum use recommended

Minimum use recommended I witched three movies off vudu and was out of data so only get this service hotspot if your going to use very little


in a remote mountain area, could not get WiFi

Visiting my daughter last summer in VA, the area we were in we could not get internet. I was in my motor home and stopped and bought this at Walmart. It's not for constant use as that would be very expensive, but I had to stay in contact with certain people via computer. I used it on several computers and had no problems. I would download mail, did some surfing, and get off, then I would do my responses via email offline and when I went on again they were sent. I was there 3 weeks, got a $75. card and when I left I gave the whole thing to the Granddaughter as she was going to college and an internet connection was very handy. I had not used all the card and she had a part time job so it was worth it to her.


Data card for straight talk hotspot

I use a lot of Data on my computer every other week. This seems to work best for me and my pay from working rolls in.