Straight Talk Unlimited* Text, Talk, and Web Access 180 Day Service (Email Delivery)

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Straight Talk Unlimited* Text, Talk, and Web Access 180 Day Service (Email Delivery)
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Love straight talk after 2 years

I've been using straight talk $45/month plan for about 2 years now and it's the best phone plan I've ever had. I have used it with iphones and Android. It uses the at&t network, so coverage is great and data speeds are great. I travel a lot for work and service is great throughout the country. It takes a few minutes to get it set up on your phone, but after that you don't need to adjust anything. Just make sure you track your data consumption and don't go over 5 gigs in your 30 day billing period or you will get throttled to a very slow data speeds. There are a few downsides. You can't use straight talk in other countries, even Canada or Mexico. Customer service is horrible if you ever need it. A Google search works better than calling straight talk. It does take a few minutes to set up the data settings on your phone. I've had problems not getting picture text messages, but not anymore. Maybe they fixed it. Overall it's a great service and you will save a lot over Verizon and AT&T.


Best purchase I've ever made

Only 2 purchases a year for the best service ever! I hear friends complaining about their $80.00+ per month bills and lousy reception, lack of internet connection and lost signals. The 180 day option is great, paying less than $42.00 a month for total service and being able to purchase online and activate myself or call a number and have a customer service person so kindly do the activation is a plus! I've had Straight Talk for just under 180 days and purchased another 180 days, this time online. The purchase was flawless, directions sent to my email was a bit unclear, view gift or send gift was confusing. Better choice of words would be view my purchase or send gift. I viewed gift and got the info to add 180 days to my existing days. Great thing is I can add any of the packages at any time and it will be added to what your remaking available time. I'm impressed and brag about how easy the purchase was and how easy it was to activate!


Be aware

First, understand that even though this is a digital order, it took 12 hours for the code to be sent by email. Do not wait until the day your plan expires to do this or you will run into problems. Second, do not use the Straight Talk website to enter the code. They are a mess there. When I finally got everything straightened out (after 3 hours on the phone) they third representative I spoke with very clearly told me to not use the website in the future that I should call and have them do it. In other words, they know they have issues. Third, understand I am very computer savvy and do all of my banking and other activities online, when it is available to me. I have learned their online system does not work. I will continue using them because of the value of their service, but you have to know what you have gotten yourself into.



DO NOT PAY FOR STRAIGHT TALKS YEARLY PLAN. I bought this and I had had them for over two years. Since I never had a problem with them, I opted to go with their yearly paid plan. Well 5 months into that plan, I no longer get service in the vicinity of my house, my calls drop in and out. I get service everywhere other than in my local vicinity. They insist it is my phone and I need to replace my phone. It is not my phone. My phone works perfectly fine; it is the connection in the lines. Straight Talk refuses to work with me, nor will they refund me the 180 days I have left on this yearly plan. My phone is useless. They got close to 600 dollars of my money but they refuse me customer service. We have talked to 3-4 of their customer service agents/managers and they have been nothing but nasty. I would advise staying far away and going with a different company.


$42 a month for 6-Months! Unlimited

I've been using straight talk Unlimited for about 3 years now. Its great for smartphones. Why spend almost $2,000 on a 2-year contract for Verizon or AT&T plan when this plan is basically the same, but only $1000 over 2-years. Getting a new phone is easy with straigh talk. After buying a compatible phone - GSM (T-Moble At&T) or CDMA (Sping or Verizon) Just swap the sim card from 1 phone to the other phone, you keep your number and plan. This plan was great on the Google LG Nexus 4 (HSPA+) Awesome for the LG G2 (LTE) I look forward to continuing my plan on the new LG G Flex 2 in the next day or two! PS. If your a iSheep, I have good news, Straight Talk works for iPhones! * You get upto 3Gb for LTE speeds and the rest is edged speeds until the rollover. So > Unlimited Data, Talk, and Text. ** A lot of people hate the customer service, however, I haven't needed to use the customer service in 3 years. So be smart and don't rely on them!