Torin Jacks 3 Ton Jack Stand Pair

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Torin Jacks 3 Ton Jack Stand Pair
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The Torin Jacks 3-Ton Jack Stand Pair is a must-have accessory for all automobile owners. It includes two heavy-duty steel jacks with a load capacity of 6000 lbs, making them suitable for emergency tire changes, repairs and more. These Torin Jack stands are equipped with solid handles and self-locking ratchets so they can be operated conveniently and safely. The double-locking pawl and tooth design provides extra protection, while the ductile ratchet bar offers strength and durability. Both steel jack stands offer lightweight mobility and are compact enough to fit in your trunk easily, alongside other roadside equipment. These devices are made of heavy-duty steel and meet ANSI/ASME standards for engineering safety. This pair allows you to boost up your car safely for tire fixes and replacements. They are useful for any repairs that require easy access to the underside of your vehicle.

This Torin Jacks 3-Ton Jack Stand Pair provides you with two strong, durable tools in one convenient set.

Torin Jacks 3-Ton Jack Stand Pair:
  • Torin Jack stands have a 6000 lb load capacity
  • Includes two heavy duty steel stands at one low price
  • Automotive steel jack stands meet or exceeds ANSI/ASME standards
  • Includes a double lock pawl for extra protection


Does its job well at a great price

Very easy and quick to adjust. Nice and sturdy. Lowest adjustment is 12". Can't beat the price. Make sure to read your manual on where to place these!


Torin Jacks 3 Ton Jack Stand

Bought these because, well I used to be one of those guys that said. I do not need them. But what changed my opinion on having a set of jack stands in the shop was when I was changing oil last summer. I had a fairly new floor jack that I rolled under my truck, jacked it up and all was good. While I was under the truck removing the oil filter, I could hear this odd creaking noise. Thinking maybe it was the truck frame was bending a little or a wore out mount somewhere making noise under the weight. As I was sliding out from under the truck, so that I could grab the new oil filter to prep and put back in. That newer jack gave out, the seal blew out and I was lucky I was able to get out in time. If I stayed like 2 seconds longer the oil pan would have been on my chest. What I am saying, get a set of jack stands as a backup. New or old jacks are not the safest. If I had these at the time, the truck would have rested on the stand and everything would have been much safer. I bought a new jack since then, but this time I bought a hydraulic scissor jack. I no longer trust the low profile rolling jacks.


Torin Jacks 3 Ton Jack Stand Pair

Like all other reviews well made solid steel material. A must have if working on cars ect excellent stands.


Jack Stands

Stand height is adjustable from 11.34 to 16.77 inches. Stands do not have separate locking pins, but apparently the pins are not an ANSI requirement. I think these constitute good value at the $25 delivered price.



So far, my car hasn't fallen on me. Otherwise, I would have given them 1 star.