Arizona Southern Style Real Blend Sweet Tea, 11.5 Fl Oz, 12 Count

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Arizona Southern Style Real Blend Sweet Tea, 11.5 Fl Oz, 12 Count
MSRP : $4.71

Sale : $3.78
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Arizona Southern Style Real Brewed Sweet Tea is a 100-percent natural tea. With no preservatives, artificial flavor or color, this healthy sweet southern tea contains natural antioxidants. Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea, 11.5-oz cans, comes in a convenient pack of 12. The delicious Brewed Sweet Tea, 12 ct, is kosher.

Arizona Southern Style Real Blend Sweet Tea, 11.5 fl oz, 12 Count:

  • 100% natural
  • No preservatives, artificial flavor or color
  • Kosher
  • 11.5 fl oz
  • Includes 12 cans
  • Arizona Southern Style
  • Delicious Arizona Southern Style sweet tea


Fine Product, Terrible Shipping

Great product(s). Always. And I'll continue to shop Walmart (certain things only, online, for convenience, since I’m disabled) However, I wish it was made clear that delivery/shipping would result in dented cans and torn open packages. (see photos) - Keep in mind, I have a bag of “Mothers” animal cookies underneath these beverages, which were totally smashed. Last month I received a 50lb bag of dog food in the same box with 1 box of Hamburger Helper. (You can guess what that HH looked like.) It still confuses me why I receive single a bag of pretzels in the same size box with enough bubble wrap and padding to protect the insane inside an asylum room. I’ve learned that I’m rolling the dice when it comes to ordering online from Walmart. I just signed up for the Shipping Pass trial, so I’m testing it out. If boxes continue to arrive less than average then we shall try another route. #Prime


Excellent buy

One of my favorite drinks! It has a great price, and it goes straight to your home! What more could you ask for!


Tastes Funny

I LOVE sweet tea, so I was happy to see this online. I thought with it being Arizona brand that it would be delicious, I ordered 2 12-packs. They weren't good at all. The first sip I took I noticed some kind of funny taste, I read the ingredients in it which didn't indicate it had any lemon, lime or any other flavor added to it. So where is that awful taste coming from? I really do love sweet tea, but the only thing about this that makes it sweet tea is the amount of sugar they used, and because of the bold taste of the tea and whatever else is in there that tastes funny it really overpowers any kind of sweet taste it might have supposed to have. Please send this one back to the drawing board Arizona, it's really not good.


Love it

I love it and being diabetic I would rather drink tea than pop or juice. This tea is good


Great taste and convenient

Arizona makes the best mass-produced sweet tea available. I was a little disappointed by the difference in taste between the tea in these cans and the tea I know from the plastic jugs, but it's still good for on-the-go.