Keurig K425 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size, Strength Control, and temperature control, Programmable, Black

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Keurig K425 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size, Strength Control, and temperature control, Programmable, Black
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A Premium and Customizable Single Serve Keurig Coffee Maker, the Keurig K425 brews a rich, smooth, and delicious cup every time with the quality you expect from Keurig. With a strength control setting for a bolder brew, five temperature settings, and multiple K-Cup, K-Mug, and K-Carafe pod brew sizes, you can customize your settings to get your perfect cup. Plus, an easy-to-use large color touch screen with a digital clock makes your brewing experience stress free, and you can even program your brewer to turn on or off automatically at set times. Whether you like your coffee strong, mild, decaf, or flavored, you can brew all of your favorites with the Keurig K425 – and with large 70oz water reservoir, you can brew 8+ cups before having to refill. Discover hundreds of K-Cup pod varieties from all of the brands you love, including Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks, and Lipton, and enjoy coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more. Available in several colors to complement any décor, and also compatible with the Keurig Plus Series My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter, so you can brew your own ground coffee. Single Serve Coffee Makers are expertly engineered to deliver a consistently delicious beverage experience, giving you the same great taste, cup after cup. You can create and customize your perfect beverage, at the touch of a button, and prepare coffee, tea, cocoa and more just the way you like it. All Keurig brewers also dispense hot water, adding to their versatility.
  • A premium, customizable coffee maker.
  • LARGE 70oz WATER RESERVOIR: Allows you to brew 8+ cups more before having to refill, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. The water reservoir is removable, making it easy to refill whenever you need to.
  • K-CUP POD BREW SIZES: (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 oz.). Brews a Carafe (22, 26, or 30oz) using K-Carafe pods, to give you more coffee when you need it. (Carafe sold separately)
  • STRENGTH CONTROL SETTING: Allows you to brew a bolder cup using any K-Cup pod brew size. Plus, five temperature settings allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage at your desired temperature.
  • LARGE COLOR TOUCH SCREEN: With a digital clock makes it easy to brew a fresh, great tasting cup in under a minute. Plus, program your brewer to turn on or off automatically at set times, so that it is ready to go when you want it, and turns off to conserve energy.
  • DISPENSE HOT WATER: Only by opening and closing the brewer handle (without a pod), and selecting your desired brew size. A removable drip tray at the base of the brewer catches drips and makes for easy clean-up.


You CAN use regular k-cups that are NOT Kuerig!

This is my first Keurig and I love it! We bought coffee, sweet tea and cappuccino to brew. Coffee and sweet tea were Keurig brand and the cappuccino was not but said on the box it was compatible. I paid 10$ for the box of cappuccino and had already opened it (assuming it would work) the "oops" message on the Keurig screen....being the resourceful person I am and not wanting to throw out the cappuccino....I peeled the label off one of the sweet tea cups and placed it over the label on the cappuccino and 'viola! It read it and brewed it just fine.



The printed information on the box is somewhat deceiving. This brewer requires a special K-cup; it does not use the standard K-cup. If you have a favorite coffee, you may be out of luck with this brewer. Worse yet, you'll probably be forced to pay more for the K-cups that fit this brewer. The box indicates it brews 9 different cup sizes but does not provide details; if you like a 12 oz. cup of coffee, you're out of luck with this brewer. It appears that all of the Keurig 2.0 series of brewers require a special K-cup and none of them brew a 12 oz. cup of coffee. I hated this brewer and returned it!


2nd Keurig

This is the 2nd Keurig we have owned. There are several negative reviews about not being able to use K-cups, your own coffee in a K-basket etc. I purchased this brewer a few days ago and the brew your own basket from my local Walmart and have no issues using my coffee of choice in the basket. It was a little tricky to get basket in the first couple times but it works fine now. Mine is the K425 2.0 so you must get a 2.0 compatible basket.


Very Disappointed

Very pretty product but very disappointing!!!!!!! Did not come with a adapter and adapter from earlier model I had did not work in this model. So you can "NOT" use your own coffee if it does not come in K-cup. I could deal with the no adapter because I figured one would on the market soon. But when I tried to put my brand of K-cup in the machine it told me it was not a approved K-cup and to choose one of hundreds of approved K-cups. So I took it back!


Very pleased with this Kuerig

Visiting with my sister recently and using hers, I liked it so much I decided to by one for myself. The coffee it makes tastes great. Your are able to adjust the cup size and strength of each cup. It can be programmed to save your preferred settings. Its walks you through every step of making a great cup of coffee.