Philips Shoqbox Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

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Philips Shoqbox Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker
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Take the Philips Shoqbox Mini wherever you go and listen to your music in stylish ease.

Philips Shoqbox Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker:
  • Battery included
  • Portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Measures 2-3/10" x 4-3/10" x 2-7/10"



This is a awesome portable speaker! No it's not Beats, but it sounds amazing!



I purchased this for my bathroom because it was small but now I find myself carrying it around everywhere. It can be very loud and I was shocked. Now my husband wants to take it to work with him.


Good Speaker

Nice compact with good sound


Poor connection, distorted audio at medium/loud volumes

Generally, if I place the speaker more than a few feet from the media source, the connection cuts in and out. This is especially true if there is a wall or something in between the two devices. The sound is easily distorted by medium to loud volumes. I bought this mainly just to listen to podcasts, so I don't require much bass to be satisfied. Even with just listening to voice audio, the sound gets fuzzy. I am afraid to test the water resistance. I have read other reviews where people have ruined their speakers by getting them wet. The battery doesn't last very long, although long enough for a 2-hour car ride. You have to hold the power button down for about 7 seconds before it actually turns on. You'll hear the speaker turn on, but the unit isn't actually on until you hear the very loud BEEP! BEEP! I find having to hold the button so long as well as the loudness of the beeping to be quite annoying.


Excellent speaker

I bought this speaker 2 years ago and it still works very well. I never try to put it in water, so I do not know if it is water resistant. Mostly I use it to listen to music from my computer. My computer is on the ground floor of my house and the speaker receives the signal at the top of the stairs without problem. The only device that has to be close to the speaker so that it is heard well is the Ipod generation 4th, but I can not blame the speaker since this generation was the worst that the Apple created. If I had to buy another one, I would choose this one again. In case it is no longer available, the Canz 808 is another great option.