Philips USA 9" Dual Widescreen Portable DVD Player Refurbished

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Philips USA 9" Dual Widescreen Portable DVD Player Refurbished
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The Philips 9" Widescreen Portable DVD Player allows you to travel with your movie collection. The dual-screen system of this USA Philips Widescreen Portable DVD Player allows multiple users to share the movies. TFT color display produces stunning imaging while the 9" widescreen features 16:9 aspect ratio to keep the images proportional. The 480 x 234 display resolution formats your content correctly on the screen. Built-in stereo speakers produce high-quality sound. The Philips 9" Dual Screen Portable DVD Player supports multiple playback formats, such as CD-RW, DVD, MP3-CD, JPEG compatible, DVD-R/RW and (S)VCD. The Philips 9" Widescreen Portable DVD Player will provide hours of quality entertainment while you are on the go.
Philips USA 9" Dual Widescreen Portable DVD Player:
  • Dual screen system allows for multiple users to share the entertainment
  • 9" widescreen (16:9), TFT color display
  • Display resolution: 480 x 234
  • DVD, DVD-R/RW, (S)VCD, CD, JPEG compatible and MP3-CD, CD-RW playback
  • Built-in stereo speakers



I WILL NEVER BUY A PHILIPS PRODUCT AGAIN!!!! Purchased this on 3/26/13. Had to call Philips Customer Care for warranty replacement on 7/9/13. Instead of sending me another new unit they sent a refurbished unit and did not indicate that this was their intention. I had to call a second time for warranty replacement on 8/2/13 and was told I could have a brand new unit shipped out if I could provide a copy of the purchase receipt. Of course I emailed it right over and on 8/6/13 was told that the new unit was being shipped and would arrive in 7-10 business days. The very next day I received an email stating they did not have my model DVD player in stock and that I needed to call for further assistance. They proceeded to tell me that my options were that they could send a refurbished unit or buy my unit back. At this point I just wanted my money. I was informed that once they were in receipt of the the unit I was returning they would begin processing my refund and could expect the check between 5-8 weeks! Terrible customer service for a product that worked sporadically and unacceptable time for processing refunds! I recommend u spend your money on a different brand.


So glad we bought this one!

I was really doubtful at first because it was refurbished, so I also bought the two year guarantee. I had to replace another one we owned that was similar to this one and this one actually works better than the old one by far. Picture is great, sound is great, the straps are good and secure on the headrest bars, and it doesn’t rattle like the old one did. It hasn’t skipped on even the roughest potholes so far. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars because it doesn’t come with a remote and that makes it hard to find buttons in the dark when everyone is tired and trying to put a movie on. So glad I bought this!


No wires

It came with no wires, tried to by some but could not find any to play the duel. Returned for money back.


Don't know why I haven't bought one before now

My kids are really enjoying this. So far, it's working great and seems to be a good product. We have only used a it a few times though. We have a mini-van and the way I have it set up is plugged into the outlet in the back of the van so the cords reach up by the side of the seat to plug into the monitor. I have one monitor on the back of the driver's seat and the other monitor in the far back seat also on the driver's side. So both boys are directly behind one after the other. THis works well for us because the cords don't get in the way. They are plenty long enough to reach all the way up to the front seat too. I like that the dvd starts where you left off if you have to stop the car. The sound quality is also good. I would recommend. The only reason I did not give 5 star is that there is no remote. But once I teach my 5 year old how to load it and start, we won't need one anyway.


Don't know why I haven't bought one before now

The price was right, but the product failed me. While driving and hitting little potholes, the door popped opened with the dvd. Leaving me to hold the dvd each time I ran across a pothole or uneven streets. Overall the screen was large enough for the kids to enjoy the movie.