Super Tech Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5W20, 5 qt

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Super Tech Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5W20, 5 qt
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Super Tech Full Synthetic High Performance Formula is a premium formulation utilizing 100 percent synthetic base oils and a high performance additive system providing increased protection for tough driving conditions that put extra stress and demands on your engine. The additive system utilizes a performance booster to provide better protection against sludge and varnish formation, keeping your engine cleaner longer.

Super Tech Full Synthetic Oil, 5W20, 5-Quart:

  • Automotive synthetic motor oil
  • Shields against sludge and varnish formation
  • Contains a performance booster
  • Helps keep your engine free of build-up
  • Works in warm and cool temperatures
  • Compatible with other conventional and synthetic brands
  • 5W20
  • 5 quart


Top industry oil

I wanted to switch from the majors for the savings, but was not sure it would void my warranty. 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan. Fiat/Chrysler MS-6395 specs was not on the bottle/jug. Just received from Warren Distribution the data sheet meeting the spec in addition to top industry certifications. Fully confident to use and recommend it.


Great oil, great price

I've been using Walmart FULLY synthetic oil for at least 10 years. My Honda Odyssey currently has 256,000 miles. My wife's Pontiac Montana has 208,000. Both engines are running really strong with no major repairs. I just wish the rest of the car held up as well as the motor. Fully Synthetic has been advertised as good for 25,000 mile oil changes. I change every 10,000 with a new filter. This Walmart Fully Synthetic has the latest and industry ratings, ILSAC GF-5 and API-SN. Conventional oil requires more frequent changes (5-8k), meaning more labor, more downtime, more money. This is penny wise and pound foolish. Using fully synthetic means fewer oil changes, greater value. Wear occurs when there is no oil being pumped, like when putting in a new oil filter full of air. Fill the oil filter with oil before installing to reduce wear and tear. Increasing the change interval to 10k will reducing the number of oil changes. This also reduce the number of filter changes, and reduce the wear and tear.


All Supr tech motor oils get high ratings

I'm very particular when it comes to putting anything in or on my car. Okay, so I'm a little OCD, admittedly. So I CHECK all products I'm going to use for my car. According to the organizations that test. analyze and report about motor oils, all super tech oils are as good or better than any oils sold in the USA. Super tech oils are produced my one of Europe's big companies (Warren Performance Products) which produces lubricants for all kinds of motors. Even super tech oil filters have been rated "better than average" but I haven't gone that far in using one on my car since the price difference isn't significant over a purolator. I've use the 5w20 synthetic (since there is no 0w20) and haven't noticed any problems. Why spend more when you don't have to especially if you change your oil and filter on a regular basis.


The best oil I have ever purchased

I have used synthetic oil for over 20 years. I have used all of the major brands and they are ok, but very expensive. The Super Tech Synthetic gives my 8 year old Mazda 6 32 mpg, which comes as a shock to me. My last 6 gas fill ups have all been above 31 mpg. I can tell that the oil is the difference. It is super slick, lower temperature, and by far the best oil I have used. The increase in mileage is 2-4 mpg over what I got using oil costing $7 more. The oil pas for itself on performance alone. I use 5W-20 and suggest that for most cars. The thinner the oil, the better the mileage. This oil is better than Slick 50 and Duralube.


A great oil and the price is outstanding

I was skeptical before using super tech synthetic oil because it's so cheap. I was always a Mobil 1 user. I gave super tech a shot and I am very satisfied. I use it in 2 cars and I have zero issues . Cars run smooth and I change every 5k miles and the oil is very clean coming out. The price is phenomenal and I am very happy there is a good quality oil at this great price. Give super tech a try because I use to be extremely skeptical. Why pay more for an oil just because of its name? Super tech is just as good.