Dreaming Out Loud

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Dreaming Out Loud
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DREAMING OUT LOUD is the debut album by One Republic, produced by Greg Wells. One Republic has been the number one band on MySpace and has been in MySpace Musics Top Artists since summer 2006, with over 19 million total song plays and counting. Features the first single quot;Mercyquot;.
Dreaming Out Loud


Great Product

This band is great. They are up and coming, a pleasure to hear.


Very Good

OneRepublic is awesome. One of my friends told me to download "Apoligize" and i thought that it was aweomse.



This is a great CD! I didn't think I'd like One Republic when I first listened to Apologize, but once I listened to Stop & Stare I just had to get it. Most people say that the CD tugs at your heart strings. I gotta admit, I have cried at least once while listening to it...but I couldn't tell if it was because the music made me sad or because of it's pure epicness. =') They are sorta like Colplay...in my opinion anyway. I don't think a lot of people would exactly agree with me, but if you like Coldplay's sound/vocals then you should defiantly get Dreaming Out Load.



Vocal and Instumental are both great and key to the Success of this album for OneRepublic. They are to be noticed and loved for their wonderful sound. (Just a note, perhaps Depression steming from the sound of a song is sometimes like that of a pre-existing state of one's soul). Save this one for the "sound" of it's richness and beautiful instrumental qualities. I applaud these young men and their talents!


Great CD...a must buy!

I've actually been a fan of OneRepublic since before they hit it big with Timbaland's remix of Apologize. I was so excited when they finally got signed and announced a release date for their first CD. This album is amazing, every song is brilliant. I personally love Say (All I Need), Stop & Stare and All We Are, those are my favorites! You definitely need to go buy this CD...you won't be disappointed!