Johnson's Baby Oil Gel With Shea & Cocoa Butter For Baby Massage, 6.5 Fl. Oz.

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Johnson's Baby Oil Gel With Shea & Cocoa Butter For Baby Massage, 6.5 Fl. Oz.
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Johnson's Baby Oil Gel, 6.5 fl oz, is a soothing baby oil made with cocoa butter. This Johnson's Baby Gel is formulated to be gentle and mild to help soothe sensitive skin. Johnson's Gel with Cocoa Butter features moisturizing ingredients.

  • 6.5-fluid ounce squeeze bottle of concentrated baby oil
  • Helps moisturize skin and protect against dryness
  • Formulated for babies' delicate skin
  • Great for baby massage or parent/baby bonding
  • With nourishing shea and cocoa butters
  • Locks in up to 10 times more moisture than ordinary lotion can on dry skin
  • Clinically proven mild and gentle for your baby's skin
  • Dermatologist- and allergy-tested brand
  • Lightly scented


JJ Baby Oil Gel

I really like this gel. It has my skin feeling super soft. I rub it all over my body immediately after showering. This is while I'm still wet and before drying off. After drying off, I follow-up with the lotion. What an Amazing feeling!!! A must try!


Major Rash!

I used this product 2 days in a row on damp skin out of the shower. Several hours after the second application I noticed a rash on my thigh. Now three days later, though I've discontinued using the product, the rash has worsened and spread to both legs, upper arms and stomach. It is bright red and raised and horribly itchy. Knowing this was the only new product I had used, I did a Google search for contact dermatitis from Johnson's baby oil gel and found that there are reports of this reaction dating from as early as 2011 to as recently as February 2018. I'm disappointed in the product, certainly, but even more upset that the product is available for purchase even though it has been causing a bad reaction for both children and adults for years.


Major Rash!

I love this gel I always used it but I never used Cocoa I would use the baby scent and mix it with baby powder in the summer time so that I wouldn't sweat as much, and it work and the Cocoa works well in the winter. I normally have dry skin in the winter and instead of using regular lotion I use the baby oil gel and it works and last all day.





Great Product

Works wonders for my skin. It really leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth.