Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin, 18 fl. oz

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Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin, 18 fl. oz
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Nourish your skin and hydrate for 24 hours of smooth softness with Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion. It has soothing oat essence and shea butter to relieve itchy, extra-dry skin. It is dermatologist recommended. Aveeno moisturizing lotion, 18 oz pump bottle, gives you long-lasting smoothness and comfort.
  • Moisturizing lotion provides relief for sensitive or itchy, extra-dry skin
  • Moisturizes for a full 24 hours to provide long lasting moisturization
  • Contains Active Naturals Triple Oat Complex and natural shea butter
  • Dermatologist recommended lotion is clinically shown to relieve and soothe skin
  • Formula is fragrance-free, steroid-free, and gentle enough for use on sensitive skin
  • Skin relief lotion is fast absorbing and begins to work immediately to restore essential moisture
  • Rich moisturizing lotion nourishes skin leaving it feeling softer and looking healthier after use
  • Exclusive oat oil-infused formula helps to relieve and soften extra-dry skin


Best Moisturizer I've Found

I just want to rave about what this product has done for my face. Not many people think to use a body lotion on their face, but I cannot stress enough how much this has helped the dryness, acne-scarring, and redness - not just on my body. It's the most sensitive, gentle, yet effective product I've had the honor of trying. I'm already dry-skinned and easily dehydrated as it is, and the moisture-wicking North Texas weather does me no good, so this isn't too heavy for my face as some would think. This product keeps me moisturized well into the next day until I take a shower and apply it again. I put it on my face in the morning and my make-up looks great over it. Then I put it on before bed like a night cream and wake up with smooth, healthy looking dewy skin. I used to break out really bad and I hated the redness in my cheeks, but the oat complex and dimethicone in this moisturizer have significantly soothed my skin. Aveeno got it right with this product, because it's working. I love it.



I have been having lots of problems with me legs, they are very sensitive, itchy, and dry! I also would have red bumps all over my legs. I tried a lot of products over 6 years now and stopped looking after I started using Aveeno, IT WORKED i had to use it for about 2 weeks for my legs to stop itchy, and by this time they became very smooth not dry... I been using this product for over a year now and love the results! NO Achy legs, smooth, and no more bumps of any kind. I also just started using the Aveeno shaving cream and its the best shaving cream ever!


My cracked heels and feet.have never felt better.

This is the best lotion I have ever used. I have always had problems with with cracked callus heels. I have tried many different lotion to no avail. They have gotten so bad that they bleed. I have sometimes been embarrassed in front of my own family. I could not walk barefoot across carpet or rugs without my feet catching on them. I have used every kind of foot/heel product known to man. I started doing water aerobics 3 times a week. My skin was becoming dry from being in the pool. I bought this lotion and started to use it after swimming and my feet have been cured. No more cracked sore feet. I ran out and have been traveling so I have not had a chance to get more. It is now 2 AM and I have been awake for the last 3 hours because my feet and legs itch really bad. I finally got up, found my empty tube. I actually cut it open and put a small amount on my legs and feet. They no longer itch and I'm going to be able to go back to sleep. Thank you, Thank you ,Thank You.


Wonderful lotion!

I started using Aveeno Skin Relief lotion when I was working as a floor nurse in Greenville, NC. I was washing my hands on the average of every fifteen minutes for 12 hours a day and my hands were so dry they were cracked and splitting. At night, I was greasing them with petroleum jelly and wearing socks over my hands to cover them, but just two weeks of using this ~~Wonderful Lotion~~~ Aveeno Skin Relief made my poor worn out hands feel 200% better. I would use it immediately after each wash. In fact, in the beginning, I would pump it a few times into the soap in my hand before I washed, then wash and rinse and then use it (by itself, this time) after each wash as well... and the healing began! I never had a problem with stinging and it didn't feel greasy... just healthy. I don't know what I would have done without Aveeno Skin Relief last winter. I bought four bottles last fall in preparation of the cold weather, and I recommended to all my fellow nurses as a miracle! Thank you, Aveeno for saving my hands! :)


Best Skin Lotion

This is the best skin lotion I have ever used. I have always had problem with dry itchy skin, especially in the winter, and this is the only one to really give me relief.