Johnson's Bedtime Lotion, Nighttime Moisturizer, 15 Fl. Oz.

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Johnson's Bedtime Lotion, Nighttime Moisturizer, 15 Fl. Oz.
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Help your baby wind down after a busy day with Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion. Everyone in a family needs a good night's rest. A bedtime routine that includes a warm bath with Johnson's Bedtime Bath (sold separately), and a massage with Johnson's Bedtime Lotion is clinically proven to help babies sleep. When your baby sleeps better, then you can rest easier as well. The lotion releases natural calm essences that promote relaxation. Having a consistent aroma is soothing as well. This special type of Johnson's baby lotion is mild enough to use daily on your baby's skin. It is also formulated to help keep your baby's skin moisturized. This unique baby skin lotion would make a great addition to your child's bedtime routine. Keep this gentle Johnson's Bedtime Lotion within reach in the bathroom or on a changing table shelf. Get your baby into a good nightly routine with a warm bath and a massage with Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion

  • 27-fluid ounce bottle of moisturizing lotion
  • Helps soften and soothe skin
  • Formulated for babies
  • Best For Baby Standards: No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Soap or Dye, Hypoallergenic, and not tested on animals
  • NaturalCalm essences release relaxing aromas
  • Use as part of a clinically proven routine to help babies sleep better
  • Dermatologist-tested


Gritty and evaporates quickly

I am not happy with the "improved" formula. I have been buying Johnson's Baby Oil all my 53 years of life. I have relied on this always being a quality product. There is no substitute...This new formula feels gritty and dries up so much faster.. If I could return it to the supermarket, I would.


Great on very thin skin

I have used this product because my skin is very thin which happened as I have gotten older and it's just very gentle to use on elderly adults.


awsome product!

i was very hesitent rather to buy this product....i figured it was just another way of the company trying to make more money...but i bought it anyways along with the better sleep wash!!! i take my daughter a warm bath with the better sleep wash and then put the lotion on her and within little time she is zonncked out!!!! its amazing how it works and she sleeps more hours now!!!! great for her and myself!!!!


Serious allergic reaction

I bought this per dermatologist to soften skin on my legs and arms as I was receiving precancerous lesion treatment. I had severe itching over the areas involved from the beginning. Mypost treatment healing process went from bad to worse. I kept putting more baby oil on and started applying all over after showers, not recognizing it was not dermatology treatment sideffect. When I started covering myself I woke up in morning covered with generalized swelling all over and severe hives and itch. Everywhere.i stopped baby oil abruptly. It’s been two weeks now. I’m still covered with sores in various stages of healing from scratching in the end, but I am done with hives, itch and baby oil.


Execellent It Works!!

I have nothing but good things to say about this lotion. This stuff really works each time I have used it on my baby she has been out like a light in the very next few minutes. If your having trouble getting your baby to sleep, give him or her a nice warm bath then message them down with this lotion maybe a nice warm bottle and I promise you before you know it they'll be counting zzzzz's :)