Coleman Citronella Candle Outdoor Lantern - 70+ Hours, 6.7 Ounce

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Coleman Citronella Candle Outdoor Lantern - 70+ Hours, 6.7 Ounce
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The Coleman 50-Hour Citronella Lantern repels mosquitoes and burns up to 50 hours for long use. It's excellent for backyards, campsites, picnic areas and patios. This lantern is made with the classic feel of the Coleman Northstar Lantern as well as its unique design. Equipped with a U-shaped metal handle, this backyard lantern is easy to hold as well as hang. The citronella in this lantern provides you with a wonderful atmosphere and keeps nights peaceful and mosquito-free.
  • Coleman Citronella Candle.
  • Repels mosquitoes.
  • Burns up to 70+ hours.
  • This product has not been registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Wisconsin Pharmacal Company represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under FIFRA.


Cute candle

Very cute Coleman item. Bought for my brother, a Coleman collector.


Disappointed but love the idea

I bought about ten of these as I really enjoyed their usefulness last summer against flying bugs in the yard area. This year, the quality either diminished or I was too optimistic last year. Design, love it. Price, love it. Effectiveness, love it. So where does it fail, it is not even close to 10 hours of burning! I think the narrow interior chamber causes the wax burned to puddle around the wick. Therefore, unless you want to dig thru a wax pile to maximize burning time, you get ten hours or less.


Coleman 50 hour citronella lantern

So far so good! My husband is using them outside while working. Still remains to be seen if they last 50 hours. Hopefully they will!


Not helpful

This did nothing to repel the mosquitoes, in fact I think they liked it. I caught a few of them sitting on the brim, enjoying the fire. Don't waste your money, unless your goal is to entertain your mosquitoes.


Bug free lantern

I purchased 2 of the citronella lanterns for camping. While sitting outside on the patio one night, the mosquitoes were getting pretty bad. We lit one of the lanterns and to my big surprise the mosquitoes were gone. We were able to enjoy our time with our family and not the little blood suckers. We also used them camping. I placed one on each table and came home with no mosquito bites.