Humco Glycerin USP An Emollient & Demulcent, 6 fl oz

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Humco Glycerin USP An Emollient & Demulcent, 6 fl oz
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Humco Glycerin USP Skin Protectant is used to help prevent and temporarily protect wind-burned skin and lips. This glycerin moisturizer can also be used on chafed, cracked or chapped lips and skin. This glycerin skin protectant comes safety sealed for protection.

Humco Glycerin USP, An Emollient and Demulcent, 6 fl oz:
  • Anhydrous
  • glycerin emollient for skin care
  • Pure natural vegetable based
  • Skin soak and aromatherapy bath
  • Preserves leaves and flowers
  • Soothing and moisturizing agent in creams and lotions
  • Also used for sweetening, solvent and preservative properties
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Worked adequately for preserving boxwood cuttings

I uesd the Humco Glycerin diluted by half with water to preserve boxwood cuttings. The cuttings took up the solution over a week, and seem adequately preserved. I had enough solution left to do a second batch.


My bad hair days are over.

I'm an African American female with low porosity, low density, thin stranded, 3C and 4A type hair. Those descriptions are for the women who are into hair typing. I have been walking the aisles for years searching for a hair moisturizer that did not contain aloe or some other crazy sounding ingredients that I could not pronounce. I'm allergic to aloe and it seems that most products that is supposed to be beneficial for hair and skin states aloe and glycerin in the ingredients. I have used products containing aloe because I liked the product but suffered the consequences. So after doing some research on hair typing and porosity I realized that all I needed to use was glycerin and good old H2O. The water for moisture and the glycerin to seal the moisture into my hair. I never knew that glycerin could be purchased as a stand alone product. Huh, imagine that. Thank you HUMCO for making this product and for saving me from a lot of bad hair days.


Great Product

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who hair is shedding or breaking off. I was always on the internet looking for products that would work well on my course 4b/4c natural hair. I have been natural for little over 2 years and this product arrived before that date I anticipated. And, I must say I used it just like the reviews on Walmart stated and it works. And along with that the Biotin by Spring Valley is great as well. I noticed a difference in my hair and skin. Thanks to everyone who reviewed this product and gave their opinion. Thank you! Oh I forgot to mentioned how I use the glycerin. 50/50 with your conditioner. Let it sit and rinse out. My hair is super super soft. No need for a perm .


Great for ejuice!

Perfect VG to create your own ejuice on a DRIP vaporizer... But if you have a TANK vaporizer, this stuff will be too thick & you'll need to dilute it with PG &/or distilled water.


Vegetable glycerin.

Naturally sweet and mixes well. A must for the vaper.