GENTEAL Tears Severe Eye Ointment for Severe Dry Eye Symptom Relief, 15ml

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GENTEAL Tears Severe Eye Ointment for Severe Dry Eye Symptom Relief, 15ml
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  • "GENTEAL Tears Severe Eye Lubricant Ointment for dry eye relief
  • Long-lasting overnight relief from severe dry eye symptoms
  • Combination of sterile ingredients to shield eyes against further irritation
  • Night-time protection from dry eye symptoms"



It works pretty well, but WAY over priced. .12 fluid oz * 3.5 gr. for 3% mineral oil and 92% white petrolatum (aka vasaline) for such a price is obscene. The markup must be 1000% plus


Did not work 4 me

I use this b4 bed and my eyes get blurry its so thick . My eyes do not feel much different


The best thing I've tried yet

My eye doc has had me try several other products, including prescriptions which weren't helping my dry eye condition. My eyes would water while I was trying to apply makeup in the morning and throughout the day. I couldn't see to apply mascara. This has made a big difference. It is only put in once at night just before sleep and is thick. I think it coats the eye well enough to still be effective in the morning while I am trying to apply makeup and I can now do so without tears. I'm so happy to find something that has worked. Walmart has the best price as well. I ordered it online for about $4 less than other suppliers and they had it ready for me at the store. Thumbs up!


Love this!

I sleep w/ a fan on so my dry eyes get even more dry. At first your vision is a little blurry but as soon as I am done brushing my teeth I can see clear again. I use to have to add drops during the night now w/ these night time jell drops my eyes stay moist all night long!


Red no more

I have chronic dry eye with very red eyes. This is the only over the counter Ned I found to help me with both