GENTEAL Tears Severe Eye Ointment for Severe Dry Eye Symptom Relief, 15ml

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GENTEAL Tears Severe Eye Ointment for Severe Dry Eye Symptom Relief, 15ml
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Genteal Severe Dry Eye Relief, 0.34 oz, delivers advanced relief for painful irritation associated with dry eyes. Genteal Severe Eye Gel uses a dual lubricating system that works in separate layers of the eye for long-lasting relief. The moisturizing ingredients in Genteal soothe discomfort due to minor irritations of the eye or exposure to wind or sun. You can use it to protect and hydrate your eyes for outdoor activities or to combat irritation that develops from spending long hours in front of a computer. Genteal Lubricant Eye Gel is unique from other lubricant eye drops because it contains genaqua. When placed in the eye, genaqua creates a preservative-free environment that protects the eyes just like natural tears, making it safe for long-term use. The powerful relief of Genteal Severe Dry Eye Relief, 0.34 oz, will give you hours of comfort.
  • GENTEAL Tears Severe Eye Lubricant Ointment for dry eye relief
  • Long-lasting overnight relief from severe dry eye symptoms
  • Combination of sterile ingredients to shield eyes against further irritation
  • Night-time protection from dry eye symptoms


This product does its job!

I have super dry eyes! This product lubricates them well. They do make one's eye blurry for a few minutes, but overall this is a good product.


Finally something that works

Wow, finally I found a product that works for my dry eye's. I am a diabetic and I am skeptical of using everything I hear about, but my eye's were burning so bad I had to try something, I remember years ago my eye doctor recommended this to me so I tried and it's the best thing I purchased all month. Genteal really works great, no burning eyes no sandy feeling eyes.


Works Great for Dogs

Top animal clinic in the USA recommended this for dry eye dogs...vets price 4 x a much........Merry Christmas


Genteal Severe Dry Eye Relief

Dry eyes were causing my vision to blur. Genteal eye gel was recommended by my ophthalmologist. They have worked very well. I use at night and use regular eye drops during the day. My vision is no longer blurry.


It works for me.

The effect is not instant; however, it is effective. It is the best to apply before sleep.