Oral-B Complete SatinFloss Dental Floss, Mint, 50 M

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Oral-B Complete SatinFloss Dental Floss, Mint, 50 M
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Oral-B Complete Satinfloss has a satin-like texture for comfortable flossing.

Oral-B Complete SatinFloss Dental Floss, Mint, 50 M, Pack of 2:Floss releases a burst of mint freshnessComfort GripSatin-like textureHelps remove plaque and particles between your teeth and just below the gumlineMint flavor#1 Dentist Recommended Brand


best degree of slipperiness (for me, anyway)

If you are looking for the most slippery, satiny floss, this is NOT the one for you. You would be better off using Equate Super Slip, which I used for a while. Unfortunately, my dentist told me that even though I was flossing with the proper technique, it appeared that I was "slipping" over stuff that should be removed. She suggested that I be more forceful, but I could tell that the material was just too slippery to work. I decided to try this product, and it is still slippery but it will grab onto stuff, which works better for me; of course everyone is different in their needs here!!!!!



I'd order these again since they're good quality.


Great, would love to buy refill

I have snug spaces in between my teeth, and a permanent retainer, and this is the only floss i can thread under and in between without a threader. I would love to see just a refill being sold, without the blue container. I wish your company was more waste-conscious.


Disintegrates in my teeth

Like a previous reviewer, I must have bought this dental floss thinking it was a different type like the tape. This is really unusable, as I need to floss again just to get all the fibers out of my teeth that this floss leaves behind. I am not a person who reviews products much one way or the other, but this is really a poor quality product. A recommendation for Oral-B is to clearly mark the packages so the consumers can tell which is which. The little green boxes for mint tape and mint floss look almost exactly the same. To avoid this mistake again I'll look for a different brand altogether. I can't imagine anyone would knowingly buy this exact product, since it doesn't do what it's supposed to do at all.


Used to love this floss

I’ve been using this floss for years. Recently it has changed. It splits and frays land leaves floss between my teeth. Last one I will buy. Sorry Oral B. You try to save money and it’s going to cost you!!